Why choose Newtop Rubber as a breast pump supplier?


Today we will talk about a very important equipment for breastfeeding and that can be a super ally for moms when expressing milk, for the most diverse reasons. Now we will explain everything about breast milk pumps, which are the ideal models, how to use and clean them correctly and where to buy. Check out the full article right now!

Already in the gestation period, the expectant mother begins to notice the changes happening throughout her body, but without a doubt the biggest change is in the breasts that begin to prepare to provide breast milk, which is the most complete food for babies.

Composition of Breast Milk

The composition of breast milk is ideal for the baby’s good growth and development during the first 6 months of age, without the need to supplement the baby’s diet with any other food or water.

Breast milk, in addition to feeding the baby and being rich in all the nutrients that the baby needs to grow strong and healthy, also has the body’s defense cells, called antibodies, which pass from the mother to the baby, which increases the baby’s defenses preventing him from getting sick easily.

What is breast milk made of

The composition of breast milk varies according to the baby’s needs, with different concentrations of its constituents according to the stage of development of the newborn. Some of the main components of breast milk are:

  • White blood cells and antibodies, which act on the baby’s immune system, protecting against possible infections, and helping in the process of organ development;
  • Proteins, which are responsible for activating the immune system and protecting developing neurons;
  • Carbohydrates, which help in the process of formation of the intestinal microbiota;
  • Enzymes, which are important for various metabolic processes essential for the body to function;
  • Vitamins and minerals, which are essential for the healthy growth of the baby.

What is the breast pump used for?

Breast pumps are useful at various times in a new mom’s life. Many people think that it is only used to express and store the milk when the mother returns to work after maternity leave. Yes, for this it is essential, but there are other reasons that make this pump great for your breastfeeding period.

The breast pump or breast pump can help you in several cases such as:

  • Stimulating milk production. The more a woman takes her milk, the more it will be produced. In this case, the pump is of great help to those women who are low on milk.
  • Removing excess milk if production is too large. When the mother produces a lot of milk, this excess can become clogged and the use of the pump helps in emptying the breast.
  • Helping those who have inverted nipples. Using the pump to express some milk before breastfeeding softens the areola and makes it easier to latch on to those with an inverted nipple.
  • Avoiding pain when the nipple is hurt. If the mother needs a “rest time” for the nipple to heal, she can use the pump to continue offering breast milk to the baby.
  • At the birth of premature babies who cannot yet breastfeed. Some premature babies cannot yet breastfeed and that is why it is important that the mother stimulates milk production so that it does not dry out.
  • Helping the mother who needs to go away. Often the mother needs to go back to work, travel, or needs to go out for a long time and wants to continue offering breast milk to the baby. With the breast pump, the woman is able to make a large supply of milk and leave it with the person who will be responsible for taking care of the baby during her absence.
  • Donating milk to those in need. Yes, it is possible to donate breast milk, as there are many children who need it. Talk to some institutions and see their recommendations.
  • Now that you know what breast pumps are for, let’s analyze some points to choose the best option and the one that best fits your daily life and pocket.

When do I need to buy a breast pump?

As soon after delivery, breastfeeding is done at the breast, you can wait a little while to see if you will really make good use of a pump. For example, in the weeks following delivery, you may already need a pump to stimulate milk production. Or maybe you only need a pump when you go back to work and need to stock up on milk. It all depends…

Anyway, it’s always good to start researching about silicone mold supplier, because they usually have the best pumps.

Which breast pump to buy?

You researched, thought and decided that yes, a breast pump will be very useful in your mommy life. Now, which breast pump to buy? The most common pump that we have on the market today with the price into account is the manual one, know some details:

Manual Breast Pump

Some positive points of manual breast pumps have a price well into account. They are relatively easy to use: You place the pump on the breast and operate a lever with your hand, doing this movement repeatedly, until you have reached the desired amount of milk.

Another positive point is that it is more practical to take on trips and outings, as they are lighter and do not require an outlet or battery. They are also quieter and have the advantage of being the mother herself who controls the force of suction.

Which brand to buy?

This question is very simple to answer, you should look for silicone manufacturers, such as Newtop Rubber. This company specializes in silicone and on the website there are simple manual pumps that cost little, with quality and durability.

How to wash the firecracker

Breast pumps must always be washed before and after use, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Generally, a deeper wash per day should be carried out and for this the extraction kit must be disassembled into individual parts and the components boiled for about 5 minutes in water.

In any case, before cleaning, always read the manufacturer’s instructions first, to avoid any damage to the pump.


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