When is the right time to seek the help of a Social Security Disability lawyer?


There’s no doubt about the fact that filing for Social Security Disability benefits can be an intimidating and time-consuming process. The majority of the SSD applicants are not sure about the necessary documents and paperwork to submit. This is one of the main reasons behind 70% of the applications getting denied. 

Social Security Disability applicants who appoint a legal expert to deal with SSD claims have higher chances of getting their applications approved than those who do it by themselves. The reasons are many. If you want to know them before hiring a Phoenix social security disability lawyer, keep reading. 

Getting Social Security Disability benefits with a lawyer – How much time does it take?

Whether or not your social security disability claim will be approved will depend on the extent of complexity of your claim, the place you reside, and the type of evidence you have to support the claim. Nevertheless, it may take somewhere from a few months to a year to obtain the monthly social security disability benefits. 

The stage at which the claim is approved will set an impact the time it may take to receive disability benefits. In case you have solid medical proof to support the SSD claim, or if your personal condition is enlisted on Compassionate Allowances, you can be awarded your disability benefits within a span of a few weeks.

When you work with a disability benefits attorney and you have all supporting documents that confirm the criticality of your condition, the claims procedure goes smoothly. This will ensure quick approval of your claim than if you don’t seek legal representation. 

Can your attorney heighten your chances of receiving the claim?

Social Security Disability lawyers are well aware of the entire process of application. They know the exact way of presenting your case in such a manner that it makes the disability seem obvious. A social security disability lawyer can let you understand the Blue Book listing and ensure that you meet all criteria. Hence, once you hire a lawyer, the risk of being rejected because of inadequate medical proof is highly reduced. 

As you submit this application, the attorney will cross-check with the SSA and give you all updates as and when they become available. 

The attorney represents you in appeals

Whenever the original claim is denied, the disability benefits attorney will also represent you at appeals like hearing proceedings. The lawyer gathers all key evidence and submits them, negotiates with your doctors and health professionals, and prepares you for all queries that that judge may ask. Lawyers can also proceed with the case quickly, particularly when you’re in a dire financial condition. 

During the hearing, the appointed lawyer will guide your case in such a manner that the judge has a clear understanding of how your disability has had an impact on your capability to work. 

Therefore, now that you know how a disability claim lawyer can help you with a case, you should definitely hire one who has your best interests in mind. 


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