What is the best free grammar checker


I have a confession to make. I’m a writer, and I get paid to write. But when it comes down to it, grammar is a language in and of itself. You might be able to string words together in a way that makes sense and sounds good, but without proper grammar your audience will see you as sloppy at best and uneducated at worst. In this article we’ll go over what the best free grammar checker is so that you can ensure your writing has no errors when you publish it online or print it out for others to read!


Grammarly is the best free grammar checker and is also my favorite. It’s a web-based grammar checker and proofreader that checks for more than 250 types of grammatical errors, including punctuation, sentence structure and word choice. The Grammarly mobile app lets you edit your writing on the go with many of the same features as the desktop version.

Grammarly is very easy to use: just enter text in any web browser window or other document editor such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs; click “Check Grammar” (or Command+Alt+G if you’re using macOS); select whether you want advanced suggestions for improving your writing or just want to run a basic check; then click “Detect Grammar Issues.”

Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker is a free grammar checker that you can use on any computer, phone or tablet. It’s a web-based so you don’t need to download anything and it doesn’t require an internet connection.

It’s also a grammar checking software, which means there are other options available for editing your writing before sending it out into the world. For example, if you want feedback on your punctuation or spelling then Paper Rater has some useful tips for that too!

Grammar Checker offers three different ways of checking for errors in your writing: ‘Basic’ checks sentence structure and grammar; ‘Advanced’ helps identify more complex issues such as pronoun agreement; while ‘Proofreading’ indicates where small mistakes may have been made (usually typos).


Scribens is a browser extension that checks spelling and grammar for over 30 languages in your browser. It works on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

That’s right: it’s free! No need to pay for extra features when you can get them all with Scribens. You can even use this great tool offline with its offline mode feature (which I will discuss later).

After the deadline

After the Deadline is a free online grammar checker for students and writers. It works best with Microsoft Word, but can also be used with other word processors. After the Deadline uses an algorithm to find mistakes in your writing and makes suggestions for how to correct them.

After the Deadline suggests corrections based on rules that it’s learned from analyzing millions of documents written by English speakers around the world. This means that you’ll get some suggestions that are inaccurate or inappropriate if you’re writing in another language (though it will still be helpful overall).

Spell checker

A spell checker is a program that checks for misspelled words in a document. It can also be used to check for grammatical errors and other issues with your writing, but it is primarily an automated dictionary for when you make typos.

If you’re writing in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, the built-in spell check functions of these programs will work fine. If you use another word processor like Apple Pages or Open Office Writer instead, try out Grammarly—it’s free!


One of the most popular free grammar checkers is GrammarLookup, which is available through Microsoft Word and Outlook. It includes more than 100 types of spelling and grammar errors, just like Grammarly does. However, it’s not as reliable. For example, it doesn’t have the same dictionary database or plagiarism checking features as Grammarly does (though these features are only available when you upgrade to a paid plan).

If you can get by without those extra features and want to use a different tool anyway, GrammarLookup could be a good alternative for you—especially if you already use Microsoft Word regularly or have other reasons why switching tools might be necessary.


These are some of the free grammar checkers and the best one is Grammarly. I hope you have learned something new about them and can now use one of these tools to make your work easier.


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