Ways to maintain your new deck area


Aussie people are blessed to have sun conditions not found anywhere. With beautiful beaches and plain areas, every Aussie wishes to live and enjoy outdoors and indoors.

As one of the two Aussies has outdoor space for entertainment, investing in patios can be one of the most innovative things.

The article gives tips on how to maintain your new deck area.


Things function for years when they are maintained. Maintaining a deck can be tiring, but it’s still a better choice when spending money not keeping it.

Here are a few tips for maintaining its functioning and appearance in the coming years:

  • Cleaning is essential

It doesn’t matter which material type the deck is; cleaning is a must. Not keeping it clean can build built-up dirt and debris on the surface, which can even cause holes.

Sweep away dust and regularly clean with pressure or soapy water to clean stains.

  • Use a sealer

Over the years, the concrete surface may develop corrosion. It is thus essential to take a step in advance by applying sealer. Along with maintaining its shine, it also preserves appearance and quality.

There are various types of sealers available. The use of each depends on the concrete used.

  • Repair cracks and seal joints

Cracks on the surface clear the path for water intrusion. There are chances of weed growing and dirt accumulating in the joints.

It is thus advisable to seal the joints to avoid dirt from accumulating and water corroding the surface.

  • Control plant growth

Keep your garden area at bay from the deck area. It is crucial to cut down any weed you notice regularly.

You can also choose a weedkiller, but its heavy chemicals may harm the concrete material.

  • Invest in cover

The more you keep your surface clean and free from dirt and debris, the better it is. Invest in a cover for protecting the deck area.

It will help the concrete face any weather while enhancing its shape and appearance as time passes.

Remove stains

Although a sealer protects from stain marks, it is still a good idea to remove the stain when they occur. For instance, if you have spilt oil, removing it may reduce decolourization.

Here are a few options you can choose to remove the stain:

  • Vinegar is a go-to choice for removing stains as it has acetic acid. When mixed with a concrete cleaner, it works as an excellent cleanser.
  • Baking Soda: Being rough makes it a perfect choice for removing stains. As baking soda is available easily, you can use it for the dirt removal.

You can mix it in water and clean the concrete surface as it dissolves grease and dirt.

Protect from snow and ice

There are significantly fewer chances of using your deck area during winters. However, the low temperature, ice or snow can damage the surface and furniture.

It is wise to remove all the things that can harm during these times. The plants, furniture, outdoor chairs and everything that can get damaged. Store them in your garage to safeguard them.

Protect your concrete area by using a cover. It may be a tedious task to protect it from damage, but avoiding minor problems that may turn into big ones is a good idea.

Repair the cracks and joints, so the ice doesn’t seep into the holes when it melts.

Moreover, you can also invest in a cover for your furniture, decor and other outdoor furniture.

Wrapping up

If you remain consistent with the maintenance of your patios, it will last long. A change in seasonal weather and ground shifting takes a toll on the deck.

 You may want to change the aesthetics periodically, but you must also keep safety in mind.

Check them regularly to avoid any wear and tear. Depending on the needs, a professional may visit once or twice a year.


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