Upping Your Summer Shoe Game with Sliders for Men: Creating an Urban Street Style Look


Do you recall when rubber sliders were a staple of your home footwear collection, and their functionality was mostly limited to little more than lazing around? Today, those sliders are a whole new style vibe. Sliders for men are all the rage, and these rubber loungers have taken a significant turn and given a whole new shape to summertime footwear.

Sliders are a key part of everyone’s daily routine, from WFH to some outdoor trendy head outs. You can even see celebrities wearing sliders with finesse, indicating that they have a significant fashion statement to make today.

Sliders can be used to create everything from fantastic street styles to sophisticated metropolitan styles. So, let’s take a look at some urban styles of sliders to carry this season.

The Sliders Guide to Style

1. The smart sliders

Try some smarter and bolder sliders for men to liven up your summery footwear collection with sliders that perform more boldly on the brink of merely being pairs of relaxation. Apart from just sitting around at home, these are the ones that will keep your feet company.

These won’t let you down in any season, from your sock winter hoodie-complementing style to your summer rush errands.

Smart sliders, a wonderful antibacterial, and non-tanned, sweat-free companion, are guaranteed to spruce up your casual outfits. These are water-resistant and incredibly durable sliders that will also go with you to the water time hangouts.

2. The funk adders

These unique and printed sliders can do the trick if you’re looking for a sassier and more expressive option for your feet. These sliders would provide your casual looks an oomph, no matter what purpose you expect from them since they embody much of the casualness and funk to your foot time.

It’s a great silicon-built option for relaxing your feet and carrying it with you on your adventures when you aim to bring the most style to casual clothing from head to toe. These funk slippers for men are a perfect alternative to choose in the blistering heat when your plans point towards a relaxed outdoor fun paired with some hot weather beach-like outfits.

3. The urban looks

Many celebrities may be seen wearing sliders with their airport outfits and fully rocking the trend. Sliders for men are ideal for creating sophisticated and urban styles, especially when you need to be as comfortable as possible during rush hour.

You may complete your exquisite shirt and skinny jeans Airport urban outfit with some urban look adders, the fashionable sliders, which speak volumes about their magnificence and smartness.

It’s a terrific addition to your footwear collection because you’ll get the highest styling with the least amount of work. It’s as simple as the name implies to slip into them.

4. The sleek sliders

Add a versatile yet elegant addition to your casual footwear arsenal that will keep you on your feet all day. These elegant sliders are one of the ideal supporters for the hard tasks of home to the demanding travels that you may plan this season, from some lazing around to your trek times.

Sleek sliders are all trendsetters, giving the feet a bolder look. They include a gently textured sole and are styled with ultimate precision and durability. So, express yourself with your footwear by getting your hands on some sleek sliders and giving everyday vacation appearances a trendy touch.

5. The smooth sliders

These must-haves of sophisticated designs of sliders with a complete finish of sass will invigorate your footwear collection. These sliders, which feature a soft-silicon construction, are the best choice for your WFH times and outdoor runs where mobility is expected to peak.

This kind of slider would never leave you wanting because it has a whole smell of style. From the smoother slip-on nature to the gained ease, this style of sliders would never be running out of style basics. It gives traction a whole new meaning and gives a smoother look a boost. These are the ultimate extra high on softer style and stylish enough to wear everywhere.

Why Sliders Over Anything Else?

Sliders are the most comfortable shoes for shielding your feet from the scorching heat of summer, and they are anti-tan agents and a good defense against microbial attacks on the feet. Sliders while being comfortable have a lot to do with bringing a dash of style and sophistication to every outfit you pair them with.

So, unwind and adorn your feet with some sleek and trendy options of sliders for women and men from India’s favorite fashion destination, Bewakoof.com.

Here, you may browse through thousands of styling and design choices, all of which are available at the most affordable costs and of the finest quality. So, add a great assortment of silky sliders to treat your feet with a feathery touch.


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