Understanding Water Damage Restoration

Water damage

When most of the items are destroyed by the water, it becomes quite difficult to decide the items you wish to salvage. There might be certain household items that have high personal value. However, thinking about it practically, they will have no use in the future. You have to be practical throughout the process so that you effectively reorganize your life. Water damage has severely affected a lot of people. If you follow these recommendations when it’s time for repairs, you won’t have to worry about leakage, frozen pipes, or clogged drains causing water-damaged houses with long-lasting effects on their residents’ lives. A water damage restoration company in Orland Park will help you to restore your property to its pre-damage state if it has been damaged by a flood, rain, busted pipes, or leaks. Heavy artillery movers are utilized to swiftly dry the house, and then dehumidifiers are used to extract any excess water. To maintain low moisture levels and avoid the development of mold, the house must be dried out.

You must keep in mind not to operate the electrical appliances after the water damage. It is highly dangerous and could result in serious loss. Switching on an electrical device while standing on a wet floor might cost you your life. Hence, you have to be really careful while handling the things. You must get all the electrical appliances checked by a professional before determining items that need to be replaced.

The foods and other perishable items are easily soiled via the direct contact of water. You must not consume them after the damage. Make sure that they are disposed of properly. Besides this, glasses, tableware like cups, and other kitchen equipment are likely to get damaged. You have to discard them because they will not be fit enough to be used.

Water damage can cause structural damage to your home or office. You can also have permanent damage to your belongings. Mold and bacteria growth can negatively effect your health. In order for you to make the best informed decisions possible, it’s best to understand that there are 3 categories and 4 classes of water damage restoration

3 Categories Of Water Damage Restoration

  • Category 1 Water Damage (No Health Risk) – The majority of water damage projects that restoration companies respond to are usually are category 1. Category 1 restoration involves sanitary or clear water damage restoration and poses little to no health risks for you or your loved ones. Example – Water from a sink faucet
  • Category 2 Water Damage (Can Cause Discomfort or Illness) – Category 2 is also called gray water and is most definitely contaminated water that could cause discomfort or illness from exposure. Examples – Sump pump pit water, discharge from a dishwasher, toilet overflow, or a waterbed.
  • Category 3 Water Damage (Can Cause Serious Illness and Even Death) – Category 3 Water Damage is the most serious and it’s called black water because it’s extremely contaminated water and should ONLY be removed and restored by certified professionals. This type of water can be highly toxic because it can contain raw sewage, heavy metals, and other toxic materials. Examples – Sewer Backup, standing water, and flood water. 

4 Classes Of Water Damage Restoration

  • Class 1 Water Damage Restoration (Slow Rate Of Evaporation Needed) – Few materials are water damaged at the site. Usually only minor extraction time is needed. May require a few fans, but that’s about it.
  • Class 2 Water Damage Restoration (Fast Rate Of Evaporation Needed) – An entire room affected by water damage. Wicking occurs less than two feet up the walls. This is in the middle of the water damage restoration scale.
  • Class 3 Water Damage Restoration (Fastest Rate Of Evaporation Needed) – Water damage that comes from above affects the structure underneath it. Ceilings and walls are usually saturated above the 2 foot level.
  • Class 4 Water Damage Restoration (Specialty Drying Situations) – When specialty or unique drying  are required such as Injectidry hardwood floor equipment to dry hardwood floors or other specific methods to dry books and pages, etc.

Paramount Water Damage Restoration Services Include…

  • Structural Drying – We thoroughly and completely dry all structural elements. This ensures you and your family get dry and safe quickly.
  • Personal Property -We thoroughly dry your personal property affected by water damage, meaning that hardwood floors, rugs, carpets and furniture have a greater chance of being restored.
  • Inspect and Assess – We identify priority areas, at-risk items, etc. for mold, odor and corrosion.
  • Targeted Drying – We can focus on specific regions at risk of mold or further damage.
  • Cleaning – We clean up all debris and residue caused by water damage.
  • Insurance Billing – We work directly with your insurance company to make filing a claim painless and easy.


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