Types of Champagne Glasses and How to Choose the Right One


Every celebration, be it a wedding, birthday party, first date or dinner night, has a reason to have a drink or two. And when it comes to a celebratory toast – nothing beats the glass of Champagne!

Not many people know that this one is a variety of sparkling wines. All champers are a type of sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wines are champagnes. 

It is a widely popular and elegant special drink. The additional steps required to produce it and the unique flavours that come from this process make it more special than other drinks. 

Considering Top 3 Types of Champagne Glasses:

When you want to indulge in a bottle of the bubbly, you want to serve it in the best possible way. The market is full of overwhelming varieties of stemware. Yet, picking the best champer glass is not that difficult. 

Champagne Flutes.

Flutes are synonymous with style and elegance. Flute glasses are narrow, tall and have a medium to a long stem. They are fun to clink and look great in pictures. If you’re more obsessed with the aromas of champer, its narrow top may spoil your experience.

However, if you love bubbles in your champer, flute glasses are made for you. It is the most popular glass in restaurants in our modern times. 

Champagne Coupes or Saucers.

Coupes are vintage and eternal champagne glasses. Coupe glass has a broad bowl, allowing the bubbles to disperse more quickly. But you can experience both aroma and flavour more sipping from this glass. 

While if you like more bubbles and want to sit with your drink, coupes are not the best choice. These are the oldest types of glasses for this beverage and are less popular than flute glasses. 

Champagne Tulips.

Tulips are the perfect combination of coupe and flute – a narrow top like a flute and a wide bowl like a coupe. It allows you to relish the aromas and keeps the bubbles intact for a longer time.

How to Choose the Right Glass to Drink Champagne?

The type of glass you choose will impact the taste of your drink. To maximise the potential flavour and aromas of your drink, consider the following tips to choose the right type of glass. 

  1. The shape of the glass is most important. If your champer is of lower quality, go with a flute-style glass. Otherwise, choose a wide glass to perceive better the aromas, flavours and nuances of better-quality champer.  
  2. The material of the glass – Cristal or standard glass. Cristal can be thinner, so it interacts less with your palate. Hence, it’s less annoying to your taste perception.
  3. Durability and maintenance are other important factors when picking a champer glass. Fine glassware requires more care and maintenance. However, if you prefer a dishwasher to wash glasses, go for standard glass material. 

Parting Thoughts.

Champagne glasses add a dash of extravagance to an already luxurious drink. The combination of a wide bowl and a narrow top glass traps the little nuances of champer and sweeps them towards you. And lets you experience every drop of the bubbly at its fullest.

While the right choice will depend on the above factors, pick a glass that suits you the best. Not just for self-indulgence, they are a great festive gift for special occasions.


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