Why Sony Soundbar Still Tops The Chart In Top-Selling Soundbar In India

Top-Selling Soundbar In India

Each year, televisions are being made slimmer but, there’s a significant drawback with slim TVs. The sound quality isn’t that great with such TVs. If you want your TV sound to be of high quality, you’ll have to consider getting a soundbar.

The Sony soundbar is the best choice for your home entertainment. However, selecting the best soundbar can be challenging at times. You have to choose the correct type of channel, connection, and many other factors. However, there are plenty of reasons why Sony soundbars still top the selling chart.

Reasons Why Sony Soundbars Still Top The Selling Chart


Soundbars must be compact, slim, and sleek to not take up too much space. Sony soundbar is generally sleek in size, being nearly 40 inches in height and the width being three inches only. And for this reason, Sony soundbars hold an advantage over the others. It can easily fit in small spaces without even making its presence be felt.


The Sony subwoofers are probably the best among all the others, as the sound quality produced by them is unmatched. So if you are a great music enthusiast, you cannot have a great music experience without installing a subwoofer.


Sony soundbars have many amplifier channels, which assists them to produce boosted and crisp sound quality. Some Sony soundbars have 5 to 6 amplifier channels, along with a subwoofer and a rear speaker. But, if we go through other soundbars, they have around 2 to 3 amplifier channels in the maximum, making them vulnerable to poor sound quality.


The Sony soundbars offer nearly six connectivity options.

  • HDMI:

Modern electronic devices and televisions require HDMI connections to fit with a soundbar. Sony provides nearly three HDMI connections in one set.

  • USB:

Almost all soundbars offer USB connections; Sony does too.

  • Analogue:

Analog connections are being obscure, as age-old entertainment gadgets used to offer analog connections. For example, many soundbars stopped providing them anymore, but Sony still provides them.

  • WiFi:

Many Sony soundbars give you inbuilt WiFi, which is yet a jump to be taken for many other companies. With the inbuilt WiFi, one can play music directly through several music services, such as Spotify, Pandora, etc.

  • Bluetooth:

This connectivity is nothing new. Sony soundbars, quite like others, provide it. However, reviews say that Sony’s Bluetooth connectivity is better and quick compared to other soundbars.

  • Sofa Mode:

The sofa mode, which is offered by Sony soundbars, makes it quite flexible. This characteristic entitles you to use the separate subwoofer offered as per your choice and liking. For example, you can easily keep the Sony subwoofer below your sofa and relish the low frequencies while watching your most liked movie. Unfortunately, this sofa mode is not present in most other soundbars produced by the other companies.

4K Compatibility

Delivering a 4K compatibility is still a faraway dream for most of the soundbar companies. And here, Sony soundbars take the enormous lead, settling others at the back. However, suppose one has a 4K television and wants to hear 4K audios. In that case, Sony is probably the only good option in the market.


Sony soundbars have earned the designation of being quite tough and long-lasting. There can’t possibly be a better example to test its durability than to go through its customer reviews.

Sony is a very renowned brand which offers a variety of soundbars at several price points. Overall, these soundbars are super sturdy and exceptionally designed. They are great for audiobooks and tv shows. Sony releases many soundbars in many budgets, so we are sure that you’ll find one that suits your budget.

However, you can still research thoroughly in the market and then make a final decision. It’s always essential to have great audio along with video quality. So, it’s your prime duty to choose the best for your house.

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