Tips for Making a Loved One’s Birthday Extra Special

Loved One’s Birthday

When a birthday for your loved one is just around the corner, it is a natural feeling to want to make it extra special. Maybe it is a milestone celebration like an 80th or an 18th, or it could just be a day where you want to make lasting memories with someone you hold close to your heart. Here are some tips for making a loved one’s birthday extra amazing and giving them everything that they deserve. 

Choose the Ultimate Gift

It’s not all about the presents, but gifts are definitely a sign of showing someone how much you have been thinking about them and what they mean to you. Relationships, where partners or platonic people take the time to research what matters to their loved one and get a gift within this scope, are ultimately very sentimental. It is a nice way to show someone that they count, that you take an interest in their interests, and that you support what they love as well. There are lots of ways to personalise gifts too, so you’re never short of ideas!

Perfect the Wrapping Station

Learning how to wrap your presents like an expert will add an extra sparkle of magic to the gift experience. Presentation is important and really does matter to some people. Plus, it shows that you have put so much effort into it when the present looks the part as well as delivers an excellent gift experience as well. 

Focus on How the Day Will Start

The beginning of the birthday can set the tone for the entire day. A big birthday breakfast or a room filled with balloons can definitely set the mood right. Positive vibes, happy energy, and an absolute showering of love will all play an important role in making your loved one feel like the main character (which they absolutely are)! 

End the Birthday in Style

The end of the birthday is as important as the start. Ask your friend or partner for some input on what they would like to do to round the day off in style. It could be they simply fancy a takeaway in front of their favourite film. They might want something entirely different. Mark it well, and make sure it is all about them. 

Take Pictures

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures! Pictures (while sometimes annoying) definitely have their place on birthdays. It is a big deal with the passing of another year, so it should be marked by a selfie or three as well. This can even be turned into a photo album as an extra memorabilia style gift down the line. 

Write a Message

Writing down a little heartfelt message means more than words for certain relationships. It doesn’t have to be a big confession of love or a three page sonnet. It does have to be from the heart and personal or relevant to your dynamic. 

Making a loved one’s birthday extra special is an achievable goal. Whether it is a year to remember or not, it is always appreciated and it feels nice to make the effort too. 


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