Things to Know Before Renting A Apartment


Are you joining campus, ready to take that step to look for your first rental, or have you already found it, only remaining to sign your lease? What is it that you consider important for your room to have? You might be wondering these questions while looking for a rental during school days.

Sighing that rental lease can be so catching when the place does provide you with outstanding Provisionals.

Don’t ever think that since it’s just for a period of time, you don’t matter. You need to consider the below-mentioned factors before signing that rental for your successful journey while at the campus.


Did you know that where your apartment is matters as much as to how the apartment is? If the commuting time exceeds 45 minutes and there is a bus or train that adds to commuting time, then that’s not an ideal place, your rental needs to be close to your class or within the social amenities. You need not go far to get to a gym or computer lab or have just a haircut. Having a few minutes’ walk to your class or near friends is a bonus to you.

Students joining Washington State University can look up to Pullman student apartments, which is just a mile from the university. From your front door, all the school amenities are within your reach. Not to mention the apartment provides students with an environment that offers productive success. Within the apartment, students have access to free internet and a computer lab with free printing materials.

Are Roommates Allowed?

Not all landlords allow roommates. While signing your rental lease, check out the rules governing leasing and roommate requirements. Some landlords allow individuals to choose their own roommates, while others ask you for your opinions on what kind of roommate you might want. Remember, not all your friends are your roommates. Pullman student apartments tenants offer individual leasing, which assists in students being responsible for their own leasing finance.

Know What You are Paying For

Once you have your leasing agreement, read it carefully and get to understand it. Get to know each floor plan fee and see if they are in accordance with your finances. Check on the rent dues and what amenities they cover. Understand all the do and don’t of the leasing agreement. Do they allow pets, what are the fees, are you allowed to smoke in the apartment? What are the features that come with the apartment, are they fully furnished, and what are their size. This could help in gauging if what you are paying for correlates with what is featured in your rental fees.

Tenants are responsible for their rents, although there are some utility fees that are specified on the lease for landlords to settle. If you might require some special services, then you might be required to pay a higher rent.

Can one terminate a lease before the expiry?

Understanding the leasing agreement can help you live in harmony and be prepared for any exit possibility. The leasing agreement helps understand if the leasing proposition is reasonable. Some of the leasing termination to be considered include

– What is the notice period for exit required?

– Incase of graduating early, what are the options for compensation?

– How long would you wait to get your deposits back?

– How does individual lease work in case of a transfer?

– What is the requirement of leasing with a family?

Understanding your leasing agreement would help make negotiations easier in case you might need any change requirements.

What do you need

On signing the leasing agreement, now you need to know what you need for your new apartment. You may have plenty of options, but you need to consider the basics and what your budget can afford. Depending on the type of apartment, things you need may differ. For a fully furnished apartment, you would be required just the essentials, while for empty apartments, then there would be a need to plan for your move early.

The excitement that comes with the first leasing agreement shouldn’t take you by surprise to, later on, realize the reality. Be sure and plan all your steps.


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