The Modern Street Style Outfit: Gorpcore Must-Haves


With fashion constantly evolving, the standard street style outfit we typically see today is a lot different from how it was just a few years ago. Different subgenres of streetwear have emerged from prior trends and it’s safe to say that fashion is simply a cycle of contemporary designs. Today, outdoor luxury and high-end pieces have gradually become a staple for the standard street style outfit. 

Though generally streetwear originated from the skateboarding, surfing, and hip-hop culture in the 90s, it has taken many other fashion influences as it grew in popularity throughout the years. Outerwear has been a fundamental part of the street style outfit, especially for different seasons. In recent years, there has been more emphasis on outerwear more than ever. 

This rise in demand has resulted in the fashion industry taking advantage of outerwear’s marketability. Well-established luxury brands started collaborating with renowned outdoor gear and apparel companies. This phenomenon is one of the reasons why outdoor gear and apparel became synonymous with luxury and high-end fashion. 

The Rise of Gorpcore in Streetwear

Gorpcore is a streetwear subgenre that has emerged from comfort and functionality. It is characterized by bold outerwear pieces that you would typically wear on a camping trip up in the mountains. The term was coined by Jason Chen in 2017 which means “good old raisins and peanuts”, a common source of nourishment for outdoorsmen. 

Though this type of aesthetic existed before then, it only began gaining traction as a streetwear subgenre in recent years. Gorpcore is the perfect balance of streetwear and outdoor apparel. It mixes the casual look of a typical streetwear outfit with the comfort and performance capabilities of high-tech outerwear. 

Gorpcore enthusiasts are also not afraid to play with bright colors. Insulated jackets and windbreakers that have multiple colorways are typical wardrobe staples. Hiking boots and trail runners can also complete the look and give it more texture. Accessorizing a typical Gorpcore street style outfit includes fanny packs, tactical backpacks, and beanies. 

Essential Gorpcore Pieces

Finding the right type of outerwear for a Gorpcore street style outfit is essential to the overall aesthetic. There are many different types of overcoats and jackets you can choose from but only a few of them will fit the look. Here are some of the following must-have pieces in a common Gorpcore street style outfit.

Insulated or Down Jackets- Most Gorpcore enthusiasts embrace the big and bulky look of these types of jackets. Not only are they comfortable but they also keep you warm when temperatures drop. Thankfully, many outdoor apparel companies have developed special materials that are breathable in case it gets too toasty inside. 

Fleece- Since Gorpcore emphasizes the utilitarian and comfortable side of fashion, fleece jackets are some of the most common choices in a typical street style outfit. They are typically lightweight, highly breathable, and moisture resistant. Fleece jackets nowadays usually come in multiple colorways so it’s easy to coordinate them with different pieces. 

Windbreakers- These types of outerwear can be worn with any type of street style outfit. Whether you enjoy athleisure, skatewear, or Gorpcore, there’s always a windbreaker that can match the aesthetic. Windbreakers can provide moderate insulation and are typically made with water-resistant materials. They are also highly fashionable and can come in different paneling designs. 


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