The making of dramatic eyelash extensions

dramatic lashes

As a lash artist, you will encounter many different requests from clients. There will be people who like simplicity and naturalness. Still, some clients are passionate about making their eyelashes impressive, seductive, and stand out from the crowd. And they always love to choose dramatic eyelash extensions such as Russian volume, Kim K, doll eye, camellia, etc., are a few such lash extensions. 

In this article, we will share the most important things to do dramatic eyelash extensions perfectly and professionally.

Use dramatic eyelash extensions properly

First, because the nature of this style is dramatic, we want to talk about applying this eyelash extension into practice before talking about the steps.

Many clients are very interested in trying a set of dramatic eyelash extensions, but their natural lashes are not strong enough to handle. That’s why we want to notice the health of their lash line and the gaps between them first. It will be very challenging to apply for the extensions if they are too thin or weak.

Use a reasonable number of eyelash fans. You know that lash fans are one of the factors that determine the impressiveness of the set of eyelashes. Many new technicians find it difficult to deal with lash fans for balance. On the contrary, they make the eyelashes too showy. Usually, technicians choose lash fans from 2D to 7D. Besides, you should select materials that are light, super soft, smooth, and have a similar color to natural eyelashes. Some materials you should use are faux mink lashes, silk lashes, etc.

Curl C, CC, D, and DD are recommended specifications. In some cases, you can also use higher curls. The flexible use of curls helps to achieve the effect of larger, rounder, and brighter eyes.

Some popular dramatic eyelashes extensions

Let’s take a look at some eyelash extensions that make an impression and have strong effects from low to high.

The first is the volume eyelash extension: This is a highly familiar eyelash extension. Its advantage is to increase eyelash density by bonding lash fans to natural lashes. You can choose the fan you want, but in our experience, it should range from 3D to 5D to achieve the desired thickness and be safe for natural lashes.

Next is Wispy or Kim K eyelash extension. This is a style that never goes out of style. It is performed by attaching 2 to 6 lash fans with different lengths to real lashes. This eyelash style gives a natural yet attractive look.

The third is Camelia eyelash extension: This is a beautiful name, and the implementation steps are pretty simple. You need to attach three eyelashes of different lengths and then attach them to a natural eyelash. This style simulates the growth of natural eyelashes. If you want to be more impressive, you need to change the thickness and curl to suit the client’s eye shape and needs.

Fourth is the mega volume: The biggest special feature of this type of eyelash extension is greater lash fans from 10D to 16D, sometimes up to 20D. Therefore, mega volume is considered the most impressive type of eyelash extension compared to others. Of course, it is only used for special occasions or events.

How to take care of dramatic eyelash extensions?

As mentioned many times, natural eyelashes will be under a lot of pressure because this style focuses on creating thickness and making a strong impression. Therefore, you need to instruct the client on how to take care of the eyelashes after the treatment. 

In addition to daily cleaning, it is necessary to use eyelash care products to ensure that the eyelashes are not sticky. In addition, regularly brush your eyelashes, limit eye rubbing and oil-based skin care products. The lifespan of an eyelash extension is 3-4 weeks, but you should go to the salon to check after 1-2 weeks to make sure the lashes are always perfect.

Finally, dramatic eyelashes extensions are quite diverse. Besides the above types, you can completely create a set of eyelash extensions which are suitable with your clients’ eyeshape. We hope you succeed and don’t forget to follow our next articles.


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