The biography of Carlos Slik

Carlos Slik

Carlos Slik is likely to be well-known as the wealthiest man in Latin America and famous as the CEO of Telmex America Movil and Grupo Carso. Carlos Slik is one of the Mexican entrepreneurs, investors, and philanthropists. According to Forbes business magazine, Carlos Slik was ranked as the wealthiest person from 2010 to 2013.In May 2022, Carlos Slik was ranked as the 13th wealthiest person globally with a net worth of $71.6 billion, which created him the world’s richest man in Latin America.

Carlos Slik is the owner of numerous industries in education, health care, industrial manufacturers, transportation, real estate, media, energy, hospitality, entertainment, high technology, retail, sports, and financial services. Carlos Slik is an enormous isolated shareholder of the New York Times Company.

Childhood of Carlos Slik-

Carlos Slik was born on the 28th of January in 1940. His birthplace was in Mexico City. The parents of Carlos Slik were Maronites of Lebanese ancestry, Julian Slim Haddad and Linda Helu Atta.

At an early age, Carlos Slik decided to become a businessman. So he learned business strategies from his dad, Khalil Salim Haddad Aglamaz, at a young age. His father taught him about finance, management, and accounting and taught him about analyzing, interpreting, and the importance of setting up the appropriate financial records.

The age at which children play their games, in that age, Carlos Slik learned about compound interest at the age of 11 years. From childhood onwards, he was a much more focused man. His concentration powers are extraordinary.

At the age of 12, Carlos Slik creates his initial stock purchase by purchasing the shares of a Mexican bank. Then Carlos Slik learned to earn 200 pesos per week at 17 years old by working at his dad’s organization.

Education of Carlos Slik-

The education of Carlos Slik was done at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in the domain of civil engineering. While studying, he also taught algebra and linear programming at the university.

While completing his graduation, Carlos Slik also displayed his interest in economics. Therefore when Carlos Slik finished his graduation, he proceeded with economics courses in Chile. His potential in Mathematics and linear programming was terrific, and he gained an edge in the business world, specifically in the sector of financial statements. In 1961, after finishing his graduation from a Mexican university, he began his profession as a businessman in a stock trader in Mexico, where he worked for 14 hours a day.

In 1965, the private investments of Carlos Slik were approached to the US $400,000, which established him with the potential of stock brokerage house Inversora Bursatil. As well as Carlos Slik also began his financial groundwork regarding the eventual conglomerate, Grupo Carso.

In 1965, again Carlos Slik became the shareholder of Jarritos del Sur, a well-known Mexican bottling and soft drink company. Then in 1966, he created Inmuebles Carso, which is well likely to be known as a real estate agency and a holding of the company.

Later in 1970, he explored his business profession by adding commercial activities into many industries of the Mexican economy in the sector of auto parts, aluminum, airlines, chemicals, tobacco, manufacturing of cables and wires, paper and packaging, extraction of copper and minerals, tires, cement, retail, hotels, distributors of beverage, telecommunications, and financial services.

In 1972, Carlos Slik also owned a further seven businesses in the sector of construction equipment rental organization. In 1980, he explored his business by shaping the Grupo Galas as a parent organization of a conglomerate in industrial manufacturing, construction, mining, retail, food, and tobacco.


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