The benefits of studying abroad in Australia

The benefits of studying abroad in Australia

The desire to do the long-awaited exchange is extremely common among young people around the world. Studying in Australia is one of the most suitable, as in addition to being an extremely pleasant country with several leisure and cultural options, it is internationally recognized for its high quality education, bringing together some of the most renowned teaching and research institutions in the world.


Australia was colonized by the United Kingdom, after receiving a visit from James Cook on the eastern side of the territory in 1770. About a century later, the Australian colonies administered by the United Kingdom began to form, some of which were called “free colonies”. ” or “penal colonies”; the latter were colonies inhabited by prisoners from different parts of the United Kingdom. The practice of transporting prisoners in the Australian colonies ended in 1848.

Throughout its history, Australia has experienced the most diverse facts that helped it build the country it is today. Even at the beginning of colonization, the native population of the small colonies installed in the territory totaled about 350 thousand people, a population that was drastically decreasing mainly due to the spread of infectious diseases. What would become the country known as Australia also went through a gold rush in the early 1850s, collecting rebellions, discoveries and revolts.

The colonies eventually gained individual governments organized between 1855 and 1890, recognized as an extension of British Imperial territory and administered by the Colonial Institute in London. On January 1, 1901, the federation of colonies was formed and in 1907 the Commonwealth of Australia was created, an autonomous territory under the rule of the British Empire. Its capital, Canberra, was officially formed in 1911, and since then the country has consolidated itself as one of the most remarkable democracies and most advanced civil societies.

The country has more than 25 million inhabitants spread over a territory of more than 7.5 million square kilometers, with a greater concentration on the coastal surface of the south of the country, a region where the most populous cities and the capital are located. It has the second highest HDI in the world, an index that comparatively assesses the production of wealth, literacy, education, life expectancy and birth rates.

Australia is, therefore, one of the most suitable countries for those who want to have a wide range of cultural and leisure opportunities. With a rich and relevant history, Australian cities are full of museums and houses of culture, which promise to make the international students leave there even more aware of the importance of opening their minds to cultural differences. In addition, the country is a reference in water sports such as surfing, and land sports such as traditional cricket.

Australia’s busiest cities are generally the best address for those looking for work or study abroad opportunities. As in every metropolis, it is there that the student will be able to find several opportunities and options for courses, internships or jobs. In addition, you will be able to put English into practice and learn even more about a culture as different and rich as Australia, being able to experience the possibilities of night tours and cosmopolitan Australian life.

One of the major concerns of those looking for a place to study abroad and practice English is the climate of the places where courses and opportunities are available. Most English-speaking countries, such as England and the United States, have an extremely different climate from Brazil’s because they are in different hemispheres. In Australia, in addition to the climate being very similar to the Brazilian one, it is totally pleasant. The natural landscapes of Australian flora and fauna are another attraction for those who like to discover new and unusual places.

The country is also among the safest in the world in the rankings that seek to estimate this theme, therefore being the ideal place for those who need to study and work or want to know new and interesting places without having to worry about their wallet and cell phone when walking. in the streets. Street policing is extremely competent, and the relationship between citizens and the police is regarded as one of the most respectful, being admired around the world.

In addition to all these factors, Australia is a country that is looking for skilled labors to perform certain professional functions. So, what are you waiting for to study in Australia?


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