THC Gummies: Are They Harmful To Children?

THC gummies

Know that a child is always curious and wants to try everything you do. Now it’s legal to use marijuana for recreational purposes in many countries, and innumerable people have gummies in their households. But this gives rise to the accidental consumption of cannabis by your kids. 

Also, THC gummies you buy from the market look almost similar to candies your kids love. Young children might feel intoxicating effects on consumption of these gummies; hence you should be extra careful. This text will talk about the impacts of THC gummies on a child and how to prevent your kid from consuming them. 

Why Are Children At More Risk Of Consuming THC Gummies?

The latest report from 2017 notes a constant increase in the number of people that have consumed these edibles. The ratio was even higher in the year 2019. Surprisingly it also found that the majority of accidental ingestion of these gummies was by kids around ten years of age. Also, many other studies on the same topic found similar results: kids are at higher risk of consuming edibles for various reasons. Also, after the legalization of cannabis, the ratio of people and kids consuming it has risen a lot. Innumerable kids have even gone into hospitals for accidentally consuming cannabis. 

Know that children between three to six years of age are most prone to unexpected consumption of these gummies. It is because they look attractive; hence they find it jelly or some candy. These edibles are in the shape or form of commonly available items; therefore, you must be extra careful when you have kids at your home. Parents with kids of this age let them free for their growth. Although they are cautious, a child might curiously ingest that gummy without parents noticing it. Gummies often have excessive THC, which can be hazardous for children.

What Happens If A Kid Eats THC Gummies? 

The result will be according to the amount that the kid has taken. Know that some edibles might have high amounts of THC while others might have low proportions. And if a child overeats it, serious side effects are likely. Some of the symptoms of cannabis consumption in a child are:

  • Sleepiness and agitation 
  • Mental health problem 
  • Increase in heart rate 
  • Problem with breathing 
  • Redness in eyes 
  • Coordination issues 

It could also oversee neurological issues and convulsions in extraordinary cases. No long-term side effects were visible in children due to accidental consumption. 

What To Do If A Child Has THC Consumed Gummies? 

If your child has consumed any cannabis product, including THC gummies, rush immediately to the hospital. Your child might need immediate help, and there’s no point in delaying the process. Although it might take time to show effects, taking precautions is excellent. Also, understand which edible your kid has consumed to get an idea of the amount of THC in it. Knowing the dosage will help a lot with treatment.

How To Keep THC Edibles Out Of Reach Of Kids?

Here are ways that could help you save your kid from accidental THC edibles consumption-

  • Store Them Safely 

If you are having a kid in your home, primarily, you keep all risky things out of your reach, including THC gummies. Make sure you safely store these gummies, just as you do with all the medications at your home. Either keep them at a not reachable height or put them in any other safe place. You can also try keeping it in a cupboard with a lockout of your child’s reach. You can also take the help of child-resistant containers available in the market. You can also label it and store it in its packaging. 

  • Take Precautions

Although you might think your kids won’t understand what you are doing, that’s not the case. Kids above three might replicate what parents do; hence it’s important to remain cautious. Make sure you don’t consume these gummies in front of your kid. Not only this, but you should also not use any other recreational medicines in the presence of the child. Using these can lead to an improper environment in front of them. Also, don’t ride any vehicle after using these gummies, especially with kids. 

  • Check The Packaging  

The appearance of THC gummies is almost similar to those of regular ones available in the market. Hence if you buy them in the standard packaging, your kid might think they are candies. Therefore check the packaging first and ensure that it doesn’t look like regularly available ones. Also, not only this but avoid spilling them on the floor as your kid might pick up and consume them. Even though the packaging is not the same, it’s wise to keep it out of the reach of children. It increases the chances of accidental consumption of cannabis. 

  • Educate Your Kid 

No matter how hard one tries, there’s no place your child cannot reach in the house. Hence it’s always better to educate your child about what is safe and what is not. First, you can show them packaging or gummies and tell them it’s unsafe. Then, you can try practicing different methods to make them understand the ill effects of cannabis that they might experience. Once your kid understands the difference between both edibles, you can feel relief. But even after this, it’s better to keep those gummies in a safer place. 

  • Talk To Everyone 

Ask everyone that lives in the house or where your kids often visit about their cannabis consumption. If they, too, consume THC gummies, you can ask them to place them in a safe zone where kids cannot reach out. Making everyone aware of the risks of kids consuming edibles can be an incredible idea. Have a session with everyone, such as grandparents, friends, and families, to discuss their opinions on the prevention of accidental consumption of cannabis. It will get you some new ideas to be extra cautious. 


Just like medications, these THC gummies are also considered hazardous for kids. Hence if you are a cannabis lover and use it at home, ensure it’s where your kid cannot find it. Be responsible and don’t use these gummies in front of your kid to avoid this issue. If your child accidentally consumes it, visit the doctor immediately. Also, inform the doctor about the amount of THC your kid has consumed for better treatment. 


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