Teach Your Dog to Be Human: Part One

Teach Your Dog to Be Human: Part One

Have you ever seen a dog whisper and say, “Wow, this guy is amazing! What a wonderful way to screw people over. “I know I’ve been through a lot of times. It’s about being an alpha boy/girl with an advanced” balance. “

One thing is not true in the concept of “you are the leader of the pack” – he thinks he lives in the dog world, to overcome it, to behave like a dog, the alpha man or woman in the pack For many dogs with pets, this owner treats the animal as a natural process of the brain, not as a process of logical reasoning. To refute this idea, check out these two short videos of Lucy’s behavior: Lucy remembers her hair, Lucy, and her cleanser (links below). If a dog walks in the desert like a wolf and does not participate in the killing of a beast, the dog does not live in the dog world. This is not your dog. If your dog is hungry for a week, he won’t be eating dinner! You can’t kill more animals than your six-year-old and tear his meat! If you have such an animal, it is a must-have, for any Affiliate, to promote any program. Here are the Best Chew Toys for Lab Puppies.

If you are a pure leader, you are in the dog world. After doing so, the dog will live well with other dogs, live happily in the pack, know its place in the human companion, and usually behave well, but cannot reach the maximum level. When you raise a dog for your family, you don’t intend to be a primrose breeder (you can do that if you have a backup), you put the animal in the human world. It’s time to dump her and move on. According to two videos, Lucy is an animal that develops the same capacity as humans to the full potential of a small dog’s brain. He, like 99% of today’s dogs, belongs to the same family and lives in a human world accustomed to human concepts. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. You will have a good companion like a dog. Dogs will learn to love people more than dogs.

Lucy is a thinking dog. It depends on where Lucy puts the man behind the ball. He accurately predicts how the ball will move through the position of the foot. He was very deceived when he arrived before the abandoned toy arrived. He thinks his brain could be thrown or kicked somewhere. Lucy knows how to kick the ball without moving your foot and moving your weight from one helmet to another! Football (football) is better than the goalkeeper.

Lucy knows hundreds of ideas and orders from the jump boat to the street. He plays very rarely now, but as a child, I threw his ball into the street (the village highway), and when he found out the ball was missing, he went to the forbidden place, and he stopped with the brakes. . . The imaginary line was a piece of yellow rope 20 miles from the road. When he learned of the concept of pulling the rope, he was allowed to urinate alone. I trust him not to cross the imaginary line. This notion of not walking the street is the basis for a dog to live happily in the human world. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. This shows that the roads (the human structure that is not visible in the words of the dog pack) are very bad.

Dogs have a logical thinking process. Dogs have feelings. Dogs also have a conscience. Dogs learn to love. Dogs have language skills and can understand the concepts of about five hundred people from words. None of this is a learned behavior, not a dog.

The dog cannot clearly distinguish the difference but can explain the owner’s way of feeding. When Lucy asked me to look outdoors, she got the call. If he is a little hungry, he goes out, waits for thirty seconds and returns home, and learns to get his reward. He does this every hour until I see him. If he does not urinate, the gift stops


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