Take Your Corporate Event to the Next Level: a Guide


Corporate events can be so much more than they currently are. They can be fun, thrilling, exciting, and, above all, memorable. If you opt for the bare-bones then your guests aren’t going to feel like the events was worthwhile. You need to combine great event hosting with excellent, value-adding features like talks, workshops, and presentations. 

If you find that attendance to your events is lackluster and the ROI you were hoping for on your event has fallen short of expected, it’s time to bring out the big guns and use the tips outlined in this guide: 

Have Clear-Cut Goals 

It’s important to be very clear on your primary goals. For some events, the goal is only for the guests to have a good time. Other events may be to boost revenue or even launch a new program. Understand the goals and how you intend to measure the results. This can be done by using social media feedback or a special link and landing page to direct traffic from the event to your site. 

Set the Right Expectations

Every event can be a success, but if you have guests thinking they’re getting a gala but are actually getting a bare-bones award ceremony, there’s bound to be a disappointment. Create the right expectations and, most importantly, a timeline. This timeline should have main events broken up so guests can mingle, attend to their affairs, freshen up, and so on. 

Improve Food and Drink 

Every event needs great food and drink, even if it’s in the form of a self-serve buffet table and coffee machine. For more glamorous events, like award ceremonies or celebratory events, like a Christmas party, you’ll want to splash out for a full bartender at least. Hiring a bartender from eventbartenders.com means bringing in a trained, TIPS-certified professional that can mix incredible drinks while at the same time watching out for drunk and disorderly behavior so they know when to cut a guest off from having too much. Professionals like this are insured as well, giving you peace of mind during your next big event. 

Food depends on the type of event you’re hosting. If you’re holding a conference, for example, a buffet with foods that are easy to take and eat in their seats are a good option. If you’re hosting a gala event, on the other hand, having a sit-down, served dinner is the norm and should be planned for. 

Offer Fun Entertainment 

The look, feel, and activities you can get up to will also play a critical role. If you’re hosting a corporate event, plan a meet-and-greet party at the end of the day. If you’re hosting a Christmas party, bring in entertainment in the form of costumes, live music, and party games

You’ll also want to key into social media to capitalize on your efforts. Create a unique hashtag, have someone on your team cover the event live, and set up professional filming sets so you can properly record the event and the specific speakers or activities so that you can then use that content for marketing your company further later on. 



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