Stamped Concrete Contractors In Tampa, FL


One of the best advanced innovations today is stamped concrete that’s used in various driveways and patios. They replicate almost every other material possible and they can mimic their appearance but still have the durability that’s a common feature of concrete which you can see more about on this site.

Added textures, colors, and patterns of the tiles will make them resemble other forms like bricks or stones. Fortunately, they are more affordable and you can have a unique driveway in the neighborhood with the help of the right contractors in Tampa, Florida.

What’s the History of the Imprinted Concrete?

From the time it was first introduced in the 1950s, it’s now become a very popular way to satisfy homeowners who have limited budgets. In the past, there were issues about varying the shapes and colors that the manufacturers can provide. 

However, as new substances are created and with the help of modern technology, it’s now possible to get hexagonal patterns and interlocking granite-like looks into your outdoor space. Different patterns of stamping are now possible and you can choose which ones are a perfect match to your home design.

Benefits of Using Them

Since you can choose the palette that you like and you have limitless options for shapes, you’ll have a more personalized design on your patio that you can be proud of. Imprinted concrete will have uncanny similarities with parquet, wood, and others and you’ll benefit from its strength that can last for years. 

Decorate your terraces and garage with these facades and you don’t have to worry about maintaining it. Other advantages that you might want to know about are the following:

Resistance to Foot Traffic

As mentioned, you’ll find the stone to be long-lasting and it can handle many people walking on it on a daily basis. This is why you can find them in many garages, parks, and roads because they can even be suited for cars and vans. Continuous exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, rain, and snow makes them more adaptive and they will usually last for more than two decades so it’s no surprise that many people prefer them.

Various Finishes Available

Troweled looks are some of the most common applications in plenty of homes. The materials are laid into the formwork and leveled on the surface. With the broom finish, there are going to be rough textures printed on the ground while the concrete is still fresh providing traction and slip resistance. 

You can get a construction that’s similar to a flagstone or slate with the stamped one or you can prefer the coarse salt rock crystals that may utilize rollers to create a more subtle texture. The bottom line is that the looks are endless and you can even go with aggregate if you want so research the best that will go along with the overall look of your lawn.

Quick Installation

Stamped types are one of the fastest and most convenient to prepare and form. The stamped concrete contractors in Tampa, FL can provide you with a short time frame of what they need to do to finish the job. They will apply a hardener agent, do the detailing, splash the colors, do some touch-ups, and they will complete it by sealing and curing the surfaces. 

Finding the Best People

You might be thinking if you’re going to choose the DIY route or get help from the experts. If you’re unsure of what to do, then the latter choice might be a good one. However, since there are a lot of companies that offer brickwork and building driveways in Florida, you might become overwhelmed. Below are some tips that will help you select the right professionals for your project.

See if they can provide pictures of their previous projects and if they have a website. Some presence on the internet will help you determine if they are right for the job and how long they have been in the business of stamping concrete. Ask them about the prices, how long it would take them to finish your patio, and if they are willing to incorporate your suggestions so both of you can achieve a result that you’ll be highly satisfied with.

It’s common for many companies to provide free estimates but never go with a contractor that’s rude and uncommunicative. Talk to someone who can answer your questions and who has experience installing concrete on their previous works so you’ll get the impression that they actually know what they are doing.


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