Some Common Myths about Sexual Harassment at the Workplace- Facts Revealed


Sexual harassment can be common in most offices but it is a serious matter and should be taken care of well on time. The stats show that most of these cases remain unreported because employees do not want to raise their voices. They fear losing their jobs and that their career will take a wrong turn if they file a complaint against the employer. On the contrary, they will be saving the lives of people if they hire an employment lawyer CT and take the right steps before it is too late. Some of the myths related to sexual harassment at work are mentioned below:

Only females are the victim

People think that only females are victims and face sexual harassment in the workplace. It has been observed that females may also harass males and the harassment may also happen between same-sex, which is as illegal as the opposite-sex harassment. Anyone can fall prey to the harasser irrespective of gender. That’s why, these cases should be reported on an immediate basis so that other employees should also be aware of the harasser. The management should take action against the abuser to protect the victim irrespective of gender identity.

Sexual harassment happens physically

It is a common myth that an abuser should harass the victim physically for a valid case of sexual harassment such as an attempt to rape, rape or inappropriate touching. However, various other scenarios also are considered sexual harassment such as making remarks on someone’s appearance, sexually commenting on someone, sending sexual messages or asking for sexual favors in return for promotions.  If such incidents are happening to you on a regular basis, you should document them and send them to the higher-level management immediately.  

You won’t get sexually harassed if you work remotely

There have been several cases where an employee gets sexually harassed for sending sexual messages even if he or she works remotely for the company. The abuser may send the person images, texts and links to porn sites to encourage sexual favor.

You will get fired if you report it

Mostly, employees remain silent because they don’t want to lose their jobs. In many cases, they may get threats from the abuser to fire him or her on a frivolous basis. However, all employees have the right to take action against the person irrespective of his position in the company.

An employment lawyer is the best person, who can guide you in taking the right steps.


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