SMS Marketing Tips to Drive Engagement

SMS Marketing

Brands have increasingly found value in SMS marketing due to the fact it earns higher open rates, engagements, and click-through rates. At this age, the average consumer checks their phone around 52 times a day which makes it easier to market using SMS. Use text messaging to drive sales, gather feedback, communicate with your audience, and provide services.

What’s Customer Engagement?

This is the relationship a consumer has with a particular brand. This relationship can be strengthened or broken with everyday interactions.

Effective customer engagement requires you to make your customers part of your business rather than seeing them as a revenue provider. Executed correctly, your customer engagement won’t just bring customers back, they’ll actively seek you out as well as recommend you to their family, friends, and colleagues. 

Before you implement your SMS engagement plan with the tips below, there are some rules you have followed;

  • Include an easy opt out option
  • Be concise
  • Include a call to action
  • Offer a clear value
  • Avoid texting shorthand or emoticons
  • Get permission first.

In this article, we’ll discuss the tips to drive engagement with the use of bulk SMS as follows;

  1. Provide exclusive offers and promotions.

Keep your subscribers engaged with exclusive offers and promotions and make sure your contacts know that they will get deals through texts which are offered nowhere else. This keeps them subscribed and interested in your business.

  • Include a call to action.

When messaging, ensure the text message provides value to the recipient. All marketing messages should include a call to action to influence conversions.

  • Surveys and polls.

You should solicit feedback about your products and services. This allows customers to feel you are interested in what they know concerning your products or services as oppressive to the money you collect from them. This also helps in shaping up future products and services.

  • Run Timely SMS Marketing Campaigns.

Messages get tons of engagement but they don’t have to be sent frequently to your customers. Timing will break or make your campaign so ensure your customers receive your messages at the appropriate times. Apart from considering the time of the day to send messages, also consider the time of the year and when you are running campaigns. Mark holidays and align your SMS marketing campaigns to them.

  • Customer Service

Messages based on customer services like an update on packages on transit, flight changes, and tourists arranging for services at a hotel. Scheduled messages can be sent for reminders like yearly eye check-ups or confirmation of services previously booked.

  • SMS for Employees.

Text messaging isn’t only limited to products, services, and other information offered by a business to their customers but can also play a key part in managing your employees in the field.

  • Make taking action easy and quick

Customers reading messages on their phones don’t have time to type up a long response to your messages. So if you require your customers to take action, you should make that process as easy as possible for them.

 Finally, the success of any SMS marketing not only depends on how you articulate your message to capture the attention of your recipients but also the reliability and capability of your Bulk SMS provider that your select to work with.


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