Most In Demand SAFe Certifications


SAFe certifications are the best way to come across new opportunities and improve your skills for your career development. About 63% depend on SAFe certifications to get the knowledge and 77% of certified SAFe professionals possess the certification for their professional development. As a matter of fact, there should be people with the expertise to bring successful transformations as well as business agility. If you want to grow in your current role or get new career opportunities in a particular industry, SAFe certification can be a great help for you as it helps in expanding your experience and skills to lead the business successfully. Have a look at the top in-demand SAFe certifications and their related facts right below.

Why to Pursue a SAFe Certification?

There is nothing new about Agile frameworks as they have been in existence for decades. As a matter of fact, SAFe offers different certifications to individuals to help them improve the overall environment of the organization. Moreover, the curriculums included in the Scaled Agile courses drive the collaborative mindset across the methods of Agile. In addition, employees are interested in the training as the courses of the certification promote the team-think approach between development teams. Of course, this certification can open doors to your career by making you perceive the complexities of scaled agile at the enterprise level. Most enterprises are looking for SAFe professionals who can adopt the agile methodology within the organization and let huge teams operate together more effectively. An individual or professional should possess some level of skill, knowledge, and experience in SAFe in order to practice scaled agile effectively in the enterprise. Above all, SAFe is one of the few frameworks that are found to be effective in merging system thinking and lean efficiently along with the practices of Agile development.

Top In-Demand SAFe Certifications

Some of the top SAFe Agile certifications that you can pursue are as follows:

SAFe Scrum Master Certification

When it comes to the SAFe Scrum Master training program, it is a two-day program that aids you in perceiving the stability of the Scrum Master position functions. Moreover, this course makes you concentrate on the basics of the team-level Scrum and evaluate the role and responsibilities of Scrum Master as a whole.


  • Encourage Scrum tasks
  • Determine Scrum to have a healthy business
  • Know how to impose scheduling of iteration
  • Help mentor teams to obtain full market performance by supporting unabated change
  • Introduce DevOps and support successful execution and iteration of PIs
  • Act as a coach and mentor for servants

SAFe Agilist Certification

SAFe Agilist Certification is suitable for those individuals who have the ability to become Agile inside themselves and incorporate Agile practices successfully. While keeping the workflow agile, this certification provides you with the authentication to follow the values and fundamentals of SAFe.


  •  Enlarge wide employment prospects through IT and technical business sectors
  • Establish a strategic plan to stay ahead of the competition in the market
  • Find the management methods of Agile Quality
  • Know the best business strategies and practice for holding successfully
  • Encourage end-user development and cumulative stockholder principles
  • Maximize the approaches of commodity and portfolio performance

SAFe POPM Certification

SAFe POPM certification offers value for accredited SAFe Product Managers and Product Owners by successfully adopting software increment strategy. Moreover, this program concentrates on enhancing your company side of the product by refining the product backlog, rendering expertise to form the product vision, and ensuring that you carry on with the right Agile direction to obtain business agility quickly.


  • Expand the Agile strategies with the continuous progression
  • Implement approaches to get critical information on SAFe and Scrum
  • Maximize a strategic plan to stay ahead of the completion in the market
  • Perceive the best business techniques and approaches for holding the positions of product managers/owners successfully
  • Take part in end-user development and cumulative stockholder principles

SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Certification

SASM certification can be pursued by individuals who have great experience in SAFe and Scrum systems. As a Scrum Master, this program can be an asset to take the hold of more responsibilities for more engaging development.


  • Discover huge employment prospects through the sectors of tech & IT
  • Set up a joint plan for the team to keep ahead of the competition in the industry
  • Learn the great methods and techniques for successful execution
  • Form Agile strategies for the development of the quality
  • Enlarge gradual rates of growth for end consumers as well as partners
  • Maximize techniques for getting critical information about SAFe and Scrum

These are some of the top SAFe certifications offered by Scaled Agile Inc. There are many other SAFe certifications as well that drives your career success.


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