Know when it’s time for you to change your windscreen!


Driving along the coastal region, especially Wollongong, is all fun and games until you are stuck with a windscreen that is not ideal. Windscreen cracks and issues do not just dampen your ride quality; they can also lead to accidents, potentially fatal.

You have probably thought of calling for a windscreen replacement in Wollongong but ended up sleeping over it thinking it is not that important right now.

This is a prevalent problem, and you are not alone in this. People opt for a windscreen replacement for various reasons.

When do you need to change your windscreen?

Cracks that cannot be fixed

Even if a crack is not prominent initially, it might grow into a bigger one with time. Replacement of a windscreen is crucial if it is seen reaching the end edges of a windshield. 

Sometimes, the polyvinyl butyral layer suffers damage, and repairing just that might seem rough, but it is not efficient as a long-term measure.

On an immediate basis, you might choose to repair it, but it is wise to look into the long-term effects.

Impact on Visibility

When it is a matter of visibility while driving, anything tampering with it needs immediate attention. For example, fissures and chips that come in the line of your vision are distracting as it hinders your vision.

Many accidents happen with an undue bright light caught in one of the cracks on the windscreen, blinding the driver, which can be fatal on highways at high speeds.

So it is always safe to dodge this risk with an early replacement whenever you spot a sign of cracks or fissures.

Legal Issues

Driving with a broken or damaged windshield has a high track record of accidents due to reduced or poor visibility.

Even if you think a few cracks and chips would not matter, this might not be the case. There is a high chance you could get a ticket for it. As a precautionary measure, taking care of your windshield is better to avoid legal repercussions.

The Risk with Other Safety Features of the Car

Some of a car’s safety features, such as airbags, start malfunctioning at times due to a damaged windshield.

The windshield holds the airbag in its proper place, so when damaged, the windchill cannot keep the airbag intact.

In case of an accident that might give you a head injury, it is crucial to ensure that the airbags are functioning in their optimum capacity to minimize the blow.

Types of windscreens

Once you know it is time to change your windscreen, a range of options are available. Here are a few:

The types of Glass and features include, but are not limited to:

  • Tinted Windscreens
  • Ceramic Bands
  • Windscreen Antenna
  • Lane Departure Warning Systems
  • Head-up displays (HUD)
  • Solar Control Glass
  • Low-E/Coating Glass
  • Acoustic Glass
  • Heated Windscreens
  • Automatic Rain Sensors
  • Automatic Light Sensors

Final Say!

A windscreen replacement in Wollongong should not be taken lightly as it forms a crucial part of your car. Even a minor discrepancy in the windscreen can cost you a life of yourself or your loved ones.

It is better to keep it under one of those problems you can not procrastinate over. With the wide variety of windscreen and windscreen services available in Sydney, you can find one that is suited to your preferences!


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