How to Use Satin Blue Wrap?


  • First you need to clean the area you want to apply the wrap. 
  • After cleaning, you need to make sure that there is no dust on the surface. Then use a roller or paint brush to spread glue in a thin layer on your surface.
  • Then start applying vinyl wrap according to its size and shape, for example for curvature corners or hard angles lay the vinyl along the curve and attach it with the edge of a sharp object, such as a ruler or hairpin.
  • Then stick the vinyl to your surface, press it down firmly and give a good rub over the surface with a cloth or rough roller.
  • Then you will need to use an air blower or hair dryer to heat the vinyl up and make it stick firmly.
  • And last step is to trim off any excess vinyl using a sharp knife, keeping the knife blade along the edge of the existing wrap for a clean finish. Beads of clear adhesive should be wiped away during this process.

How satin blue wrap is different from other wrap?

  • The satin blue wrap is a non-adhesive type of wrap, so it does not have any glue to stick on surface.
  • Satin blue wrap has air release technology applied for reducing bubbles and wrinkles when applying the wrap.
  • Satin blue is a satin finish type of vinyl, so the surface is not smooth.

Drawback of vinyl wrap:

  • Vinylux vinyl does not have any adhesive now, so you cannot stick this on any surface with an adhesive. It is to make the surface smooth again.
  • Another type of vinyl wrap, brushed style, is more durable than Vinylux and it is offered in different colors and designs.
  • Another type of wrap material is satin finish, which has a very light spot on the surface, making it look like a pearl that you can see from a distance which makes this vinyl up to be unique.
  • Another type of wrap material: Mirror wrap (Mirror Gloss Laminate): The name says it all since its color and pattern has something reflective about them. 

What We Got Wrong About Vinyl Wrap?

  • Most of the time people think that you have to use high quality vinyl wrap, so they will buy the best ones online and try to put it on their car. The problem is that high-quality vinyl can be expensive and can cost hundreds of dollars!
  • Another problem that happens a lot is when someone buys cheap wrap; they think it is not going to last long, so they don’t look after it. This results in the vinyl being damaged and torn off by a simple scratch or dent. For example: When you are trying to peel off the cover of your car’s seat, the vinyl will surely tear or get scratches even though its cheap in price.
  • When people get confused about different kinds of vinyl wrap for their cars, they use only one kind of wrap at the beginning and finally they decide to change it later on because there are no downfalls in using other types of wraps besides the most obvious one that it is not water proof.


The best thing about the Vinylux vinyl wrap is that it is water proof that means the vinyl can be used on boats, trains and many other places where you do not have to worry about the consequences of water leaks. The next thing is that it can be applied to a wide range of surfaces and does not rely on one type of adhesive to stick on.  The brushed metallic vinyl has come down in price over the last few years, making it more practical for use in a variety of applications around your home or workplace.


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