How to select the best zirconium beads?


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With the growing fineness demands of materials, the utilization of sand mills is getting progressively common, and at that place, there are a lot of grinding media in the marketplace. How to select a grinding media that is more appropriate for its personal production procedure and circumstances is a fundamental and effortful matter. Here is a concise analysis of the surveying aspects.

I. Chemical composition:

Well, grinding media can be split up into glass beads, zirconium beads, ceramic beads, steel balls, and so on. According to distinct kinds of stuff. Due to the conflict between chemical composition and the construction procedure, the grinding bead’s crystal construction is ascertained. The thick crystal structure assures the advanced strength, high put-on resistance and down ink assimilation of the bead. The diverse percentage contents of diverse components ascertain the specific gravity of grinding beadings, and the particular high gravity allows warranty for superior grinding efficiency; the fresh wear of the chemic composition of grinding beadings in the grinding procedure will bear a particular effect on the functioning of slurry.

II. Physical attributes:

1. Concentration of grinding medium:

Concentration is carried by particular gravity and bulk weight unit as a whole. The relative molecular mass and pct composition of diverse oxides ascertain the grinding concentration—the concentration of generally utilized grinding media. As a whole, the bigger the particular solemnity of the grinding beads, the bigger the urge, the broader the grinding efficiency, and the bigger the wear of the link parts (internal cylinder, diffusion plate, and so on.) of the grinder, and so the checking of the viscosity and flux of the slurry turns the key.

2. Molecule size of grinding medium:

The size of the grinding drop ascertains the count of link points between the grinding astragal and the stuff. The bigger the contact points of the beadworks with little particle size sub- as is volume, the more superior the grinding efficiency in theory. Then again, while grinding the kinds of stuff with big particles in the first test, they are not inevitably utilized because the caprice of the beads can not accomplish the vitality of full grinding and diffusion; at this time, drops with bigger particle size had better be utilized.

3. Stiffness of grinding medium:

Mohs and Vickers are generally utilized indicators. The more eminent the stiffness of the grinding beads, the less the wear order of the beads does not signify—the stiffness of generally utilized grinding media and additional kinds of stuff.

For instance, from the standpoint of the wear of the contact parts of the abrasion ball to the grinder, the wear of the contact divisions of the grinding ball with considerable stiffness is more significant simply the most effective optimization point can be accomplished by adapting the filling up some of the ball, the viscousness of the slurry, the rate of flow and additional parameters.


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