How to Improve Your Confidence with Women


Confidence goes so far when it comes to your romantic prospects. Being confident does not mean being mean, being outgoing, or even being the best. Instead, it simply means that you are comfortable with yourself. When you are comfortable with who you are and can talk happily about yourself or what you do, you are giving your date the best impression of who you are, rather than one that is being brought down by your own self-consciousness. 

Being confident doesn’t mean you will have successful relationship after successful relationship since compatibility plays a huge part. What being confident will do, however, is let you put your best self forward and increase your chances of finding something. 

If you currently lack that confidence when talking to women, use these tips to help you improve: 


One of the best ways to be more confident when speaking to women is to speak to women. Simply becoming familiar with going on dates and adapting your approach to suit the woman in front of you will do wonders. If you want a great, easy way to become more comfortable with women, then you could look for a companionship service like Playgirls Essex

Simply being more comfortable and confident when taking women out on dates can do wonders for your dating life. Any fun you have on those companionship dates is just a bonus. 

Read Out Loud 

Being a great speaker can also help when it comes to communication, and a great way to improve your speaking ability is by reading out loud. It will help you practice your pronunciation, help you get used to talking with confidence, and also helps you in many other ways. You may find that your vocabulary and how you talk improves, since you are getting your body used to using proper grammar and a wider lexicon. Reading out loud may also help you remember information better, which you can then use as conversation starters on your dates. 

Be Positive 

Being kind and positive about yourself is so important when it comes to improving your confidence with women. If you don’t think you’re worth much, they won’t either. This is particularly true when you are self-depreciative. If you put yourself down as a joke again and again, this stops sounding humble. 

Being realistic with yourself is important, but there are always two ways to look at things. It takes time, but start by reframing what you say about yourself into something more positive. Tell yourself verbally the good things about yourself. Hearing this information out loud, even if it is just by yourself, can drastically improve your self-image

Try New Things 

Not only will trying new things give you great things to talk about and even good date ideas, but it can also help put you out of your comfort zone and help improve your overall confidence in yourself and your ability. This, in turn, can further help you put your best self forward on dates and help you discover more about yourself that will help you find someone you like and are compatible with.  

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