How To Get The Best Estimate For Auto Body Repair

Auto Body Repair

You will notice that one of the first things you will do after you get into an accident is to get an estimate for the repairs that need to be carried out so that it looks like it never happened. There is no doubt that this process can be quite intimidating at first, and people are typically unaware of what to expect. As you ponder the worst case scenario of high dollar amounts and long waiting times, we assure you that that is not the case. We would like to shed some light on how estimations are made, so that in case of an accident, the process of getting back to normal won’t be as stressful as it may seem. Additionally, it should be mentioned that an estimate might not always be necessary depending on the specific situation.  For more information, visit

Use caution when using online estimators

You may be tempted to search on Google before your appointment with the estimator in order to ease your fears. However, you should proceed with caution if using any of the online tools available. Using some of these tools may be able to give you an idea of what you can expect (and we do mean a rough estimate), but you should be wary of placing too much importance on the price quoted to you by these tools. In order to get an accurate estimate of the best way to repair your vehicle, you must work with a professional.

Get Yourself Ready

Taking a step back to take a look at your car, you may think, “That’s not so bad.” An accident does not have to have been particularly severe for a substantial repair estimate to be required. Obviously, the opposite is not necessarily true as well. Your estimate may turn out to be less expensive than you were expecting just because the damage to your vehicle seems extensive.

During the appointment for estimation

In order to set up the appointment to bring in your car for an estimate, contact the body shop you’re interested in getting an estimate from. You will not be charged for this step. You can expect the estimator to complete the inspection of your car within 30 minutes. While you wait, you can sometimes relax in a comfortable waiting area at an auto body repair shop, and some shops even allow you to drop off your car and go about your day. As they examine your vehicle carefully and assess how far the damage extends, they will make sure that all your needs are met. The quote should be given to you after they have finished their work.


According to the extent of damage to your vehicle, the cost of your estimate varies greatly. In order to estimate how much your repair will cost, there is no perfect formula that you can follow. You have to work with a variety of complex pieces to repair your car, just like the car itself. In your estimate, you will need to include the cost of labor, materials, and parts, as well as the cost of the repairs and painting.

The front bumper, side panels, hood, and rear bumper are most frequently repaired after an accident. In spite of the sticker shock you experienced, those numbers accurately reflect the work, materials, and skill it takes to fix your car.


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