How to Decorate Your Home Like a Professional: 6 DIY Tips?

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Blank canvas – this is what a new home feels like. Given the chance, you can transform and personalize the space that you’ve always wanted. Surely enough, you are already inspired by interior design magazines, or Instagram posts. Every person’s unique style of design makes decorating a home an interesting feat to accomplish.

And if you are one of the homeowner enthusiasts looking to decorate the home in a professional way without hiring a designer, then this blog will give you DIY tips.

Colorful Front Door 

Build a long lasting impression for a visitor and paint the front door a bright color. Keeping things color from the very exterior makes a bold statement. You do not have to buy heavy duty material for doors especially if you want to give aesthetic appeal without overgoing your budget. Painting the door is a good approach. It is an affordable upgrade and you can choose a color that accents the house’s exterior.

You can also choose to color the trim of the door or leave it as it is depending on your choice.

Focal Point 

Most houses in Capital Smart are designed with a major centre of attention. It gives you immense opportunity to decorate or redecorate the space around the focal point. So if you have a home in Capital Smart City, you have an abundance of choice to play with color, furniture and fixtures.

The interesting fact is that you can choose the focal point of your choice in your new home. Usually it is a television set, but sometimes it can be a window or a furnace (if any) in the living room. Also, every room should have a focal point unique to the floor plan. So again decor ideas are not limited to one room design.

Lights Layering 

To give a dramatic flare to a certain room you can add various styles of lighting. For instance for a more ambient vibe choose room-wide lights. For a cosy look you can install recessed lights or ceiling fixtures. For the kitchen you have the most exciting lighting layer options. From pendant style to tracking lights and more you can add multiple light layers for different sections of the kitchen.

The same lighting style can be applied to the study room and master bedroom as well.

House Plants 

The greener a home is the better. People are evolving the way they live and the type of construction materials being used for house finishes. Adding house plants makes the space welcoming, instantly. One can do no wrong when adding house plants as part of the decor.

However choose plants with a longer life span and minimal water requirements. Some plants are more heat-resistant thus surviving the summer heat in some of the hottest locations. So do not be afraid to experiment with house plants over a shelf, on a kitchen island, on top of a bathroom vanity and so on. Plus the health benefits are that adding such plants keeps the indoor air cleaner!

Strategic Mirrors 

Designers often use mirrors in large spaces such as drawing rooms, dining halls and living room. Sometimes a gallery is also occupied by a small mirror and console. Using mirrors as a piece of decoration and interior design adds more sophistication to the house interior. Decorating with mirrors is the safest option to improve a small space even. However do not cramp every wall with a wall hanging.

Hang mirrors perpendicular to the mirrors or doors. This way you will not obstruct lighting issues either.

Mix Furniture 

The first urge, when buying furniture, is to have a complete matching set. But what about mix furniture choices? Mix and match furniture is trending these days because of the increase in the visual appeal of the space. Instead of making a room look like a furniture showroom, add glamor and flare with different types of furniture. From contrasting wood to upholstered dining chairs there’s a lot to choose from.

You can also match the furniture as per your color scheme of the room giving it a unique appeal.

So what do you think of these DIY tips? You may not be a professional designer, but when it’s about decorating your personal space, you can try anything you want within reason.


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