How Hiring a Top Recruitment Agency Can Change How You Perceived Recruitment?


In today’s world, where outsourcing a simple task has become such a common sight, one has to wonder what the future holds for us. Have we left the practice of doing something ourselves altogether? Or, is it a dependable practice to follow? From households to business houses to governments, outsourcing is widely accepted by everyone. From ordering food in a household to hiring accountants or purchasing software in business houses to lending contracts to private firms by governments, we have welcomed outsourcing in our lives, more now than ever. Some of the credit for this practice goes to the pandemic of 2020, the worst event this generation faced in the past 200 years. It has been pretty clear by now that outsourcing means hiring a third party for some services that you can’t or won’t do in-house. Businesses have been using this practice for a long time now. And, one way they outsource their responsibilities is by hiring a recruitment agency to fulfill their vacancies in-office. Some of the top permanent recruitment agencies also deliver top results to streamline the process of recruitment and aid the company in onboarding an employee for the foreseeable future. There are some intricacies involved after hiring a permanent recruitment agency, that we will talk about here.

The ease of doing business with you

The recruitment process in a business enterprise is essential for its survival in the long run. No matter how digital a business can get and is getting, human resources can never get obsolete. As companies scale up their operations it is imperative that they get the best and experienced hands to assist them. The constant need for talent makes them hard pressed for time or the funds to do it themselves. For them, hiring top permanent recruitment companies is their best option, especially when they are looking for full-time employees to train and develop for executive roles. There are a ton of these recruitment agents or consultants in the market, especially in the UAE. But, you just can’t go with any recruitment agency for your business; it deserves just the best. These permanent recruitment agencies help businesses fulfill their human resource requirements and fill up the vacancies in-office. There are a multitude of reasons why hiring a permanent recruitment agent or consultant is the way to go in today’s fast-paced world where results matter more than the process itself.

How does a good recruitment agency work?

Recruitment agencies act as the bridge between employers and employees, handling the tasks of identifying top talent, vetting the candidates, and then presenting the selected candidates to the clients. They sometimes also take care of sending the offer letter to the finalized candidates and conducting the induction drive on behalf of the company.

There are generally 8 phases involved in the recruitment process of any business:

  1. Identifying hiring needs
  2. Preparing job description
  3. Talent search
  4. Screening and shortlisting
  5. Interviewing
  6. Evaluation of performance
  7. Pushing out the Offer of Employment
  8. Induction of new employee

Now, let’s see how most top recruitment agencies work,


This agreement happens between you and the consultancy. Obviously, you have to decide on the fee structure, whether it will be a retainer fee or a contingency fee. Meaning whether you would like to hire the consultancy on a retainer basis or a need basis. The agencies will charge you for any hire that they deliver, and if they don’t, you won’t be charged anything. Moreover, some recruitment agencies offer something called a guarantee period. If your latest hire doesn’t work out as you expected, the agency will go back to their drawing board and look for a replacement with no cost.


Next, a recruitment agency will meet with you to discuss your hiring needs. For example, maybe your company needs full-time employees or contractual employees, or mass recruits. Again, it will be clear after the meeting. Typically, a business enterprise will have to provide a clear job description filled with key requirements and skills needed in a person.


The agencies sometimes have some qualified resumes on their roster already, but if not, the agency will scour their database and networks for suitable candidates and mobilize their agents to search for them in the market. After the agents get a hold of a substantial list of candidates, they screen them and push a small number of them forward.


The interviewing process is done in two stages. First, the candidates get the opportunity to be interviewed by the agents. This way, the permanent recruitment agency can metaphorically test the waters before selecting a candidate for the clients. Then they push the selected candidates to the company’s HR, where the final interview is conducted before pushing out the offer letters. Sometimes, a further interview also happens with the company’s top-level executives, but that’s the company’s prerogative.

Offer Extension and Negotiation

When the company finalizes a candidate they want, the recruitment agency will work with them to negotiate and push out an offer letter. This keeps the company’s hands free.


Once an offer has been accepted, the agencies may assist their clients by conducting the employee onboarding process. And then it’s final.

A positive relationship with your permanent recruitment agency will only help your business in the long run by saving your time, efforts, and money and giving you ample opportunity to keep focusing on your daily operations.

Conclusion: Streamlining the process

The top permanent recruitment companies, ever since the pandemic, have been very active, considering how businesses have gone digital and don’t have the prerequisites they would need to find new employees anymore. This is the future of recruitment as these agencies provide a much richer pool of applicants to the companies that don’t necessarily have that much of a name in the market themselves to attract good candidates. Footing in the market doesn’t matter, what matters is how you treat your employees and how happy they are to be associated with your business.


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