Gas Column, Boiler or Geyser: Which is best for Your Home?


To supply the house with hot water, use a centralized water supply, electric geysers, double-circuit boilers, and columns. Popular among consumers appreciate the geysers and boilers.

Which is best for your home? And which geyser installation service you should book for its optimum working.  Let us try to find the answer to this question together.

Geyser, Boiler & Geyser: Pros & Cons

Here are some of your options when it comes to buying a water heating device for making your winters comfortable:

1. Gas Colum

Today, the comfort of the house depends on reliable technical equipment. Those who decide to save the family budget sooner or later buy a gas water heater to heat water.

This option is suitable for most consumers. Buyers consider gas water heaters to be an economical and reliable option. The column is able to provide hot water with one or more water intake points in the house while meeting the needs of all residents.

According to the new gas water heater manufacturing technology, companies produce efficient devices while maintaining quality characteristics.

When choosing a device for continuously supplying hot water to the house, a person takes into account the technical capabilities of a gas and electric water heater. In practice, gas is cheaper compared to an electric water heater. You can install the column in any type of room with central ventilation.

Gas devices for heating water are divided into through flows (columns) and storage (boiler). Less essential accumulation devices – large dimensions. The geyser is much smaller in size compared to a boiler. In addition, the performance of the flow-through is nothing, not inferior storage devices. The geyser is of interest to the consumer because:

The geyser is of interest to the consumer because:

  • Allows you to gas bills.
  • It has an aesthetic appearance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Has a long service life.
  • Safe to use.

2.  Boiler

There are many models of storage water heaters on the market. Separate them for price and quality characteristics. Boilers are used in apartment buildings. Exhaust gases during installation do not.

What positive qualities are attributed to storage water heaters? Electricity is more affordable than gas. Compared to the column, the boiler can perform its functions immediately after connection to the outlet. The electric water heater is supplied with electricity without creating excessive pressure in the plumbing system. In addition, hot water will be available in several places.

After heating the water to the required temperature, the boiler stops automatically to prevent overheating the system. Storage water heaters are very economical, including in terms of cost, installation, and maintenance.

In addition to the positive qualities, the boiler has minor drawbacks. Installing in a room with a small water heater area is more complicated.

The fact is that the size of the unit is large, and the volume of water is insignificant. The liquid heats up after a while, not immediately. As a result, the cost of electricity increases. The cumulative water heater needs to be serviced regularly, which comes with another additional cost.

Considering the above-mentioned flaws of boilers, it will be profitable for you to bookgeyser repair service instead of buying a boiler, in case you are planning to.

3.  Instantaneous and Storage Geysers

In addition to gas and electricity, there are also heating storage devices and storage. Most flow units are powered by electricity. In a special balloon is placed a heating element that heats the water. The flow heater of this type is mounted on the mixer.

The water passing through it heats up very quickly, in a matter of seconds. The water temperature is around thirty degrees. The minus of the heater of this type is the high cost of electricity and the excessive load on the network. The water heaters are single-phase and three-phase.

The storage water heater works by heating the liquid in a special container. This is the main disadvantage of the unit because the tank requires a lot of space in the room. Heating the liquid takes several hours. The water maintains the temperature for a long time. As a result, the accumulations compared to direct flow boilers save a significant family budget.

There are other types of heaters, for example, cumulative flow. In units of this type, water is returned to the system. This boiler is expensive due to the high cost of electricity. In apartment buildings, they are exceptionally rarely installed.

In private houses, water heaters are used, operated by alternative fuels – coal, firewood, etc. Accordingly, such a boiler cannot be mounted in high-rise buildings.

There are also water heaters that operate through the heating system. The water in these units heats up slowly and at a low temperature.

You can book geyser services and install them in any room with central ventilation for stress-free winters.

Important Tips for Making the Choice

To determine which unit is suitable for you, you need to look at the prices closely. The parameters of the room, as well as the needs of the family.

The water heater must be chosen with care taking into account the technical characteristics of the house. In apartments, experts do not recommend the installation of one type of flux. A fire often occurs because of these water heaters. Better to buy a boiler. The display in new buildings is much more robust, and the problems should not arise.

It should be remembered that each of the units has advantages and disadvantages, which are closely related to the conditions of use of the device.

Plus gas column – Small size. Thanks to this, the device can be placed in almost any ventilated room. The column can supply the house with hot water in seconds.

However, to install a gas appliance of any type, an appropriate permit should be obtained. To avoid unpleasant consequences in the future, installing gas equipment should be carried out according to the rules, with the help of qualified professionals.

Therefore, do not forget to consider the cost of the geyser services in Lahore before the purchase.

Before buying a column, not a boiler, pay attention to the strength of the water in the house. It is possible to open several mixers at the same time. The water supply temperature will change when the column is turned on. This factor does not affect the operation of the boiler.

Unlike a boiler, a column lasts longer and requires minimal prevention. Once a year, specialists check the system pressure. If the water temperature drops and the flow decreases, flush the heat exchanger.


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