Finding the best eyelash adhesive

lash adhesive

Everyone likes to have long, thick, and beautiful lashes, but unfortunately, not everyone is born with them. Since most women have short, thin and unattractive eyelashes, several methods exist for enhancing them. There are several unproven home remedies as well to lengthen eyelashes. However, one of the widely used, easy, and fastest ways to get those gorgeous eyes lashes is eyelash extensions.

Applying fake eyelashes is an instant method to achieve longer, fuller, darker and curly eyelashes that can envy all. Countless celebrities are using these extensions to get the desired, voluminous lashes. It is the most affordable way to accentuate your eyes and look gorgeous without applying lots of makeup. Over that, they are easy to use, and you don’t need any professional to apply lashes to your eyes.

These can be attached to your natural lashes using a unique lash adhesive.However, the adhesive you choose can make or break your look. Sometimes making your false lashes stay in place all day or night long becomes challenging if you are not using a quality adhesive. Finding a suitable eyelash glue or adhesive can be pretty tricky, so to make it easier, this article discusses your various choices. Continue reading!

Various eyelash adhesive choices

Lash adhesive is a product used to hold fake eyelashes in place. There are several types of glue products made available by various high-end brands. However, with so many options, you will likely get confused and pick something useless or inefficient. This is because not all adhesives are made the same; hence, not all really work for all users. Moreover, every woman is different, some might have sensitive skin, especially around the eyes, and others have sick ones. 

Hence, it is crucial to find the right kind of bonding agent that works perfectly for you. Choosing the right one takes some homework. You must read online reviews, forum and blog comments, articles and other helpful information. You can also take references from friends, family and colleagues just to be able to find the best adhesive for your eyelashes. Even you can consider consulting beauty therapists and figuring out which type of adhesive will suit your skin type. 

The major problem with many of the adhesives available in the market is that they produce fumes, and if you are someone with sensitive skin, these fumes can cause irritation to your eyes and skin. Another major demerit of these adhesives is that they contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde. Even when present in the lowest concentration, these chemicals can cause dermatitis on sensitive skin.

In addition, several types of glue or adhesives are outright disappointments as far as making the replica eyelashes remain fixed. They can make you feel embarrassed to incase the fake eyelashes fall off in public. The best ones must be very effective to the extent that they can hold a lash for as long as possible. You will find adhesives that claim to hold eyelashes for up to 2-3 weeks but often fail to stand to their words. When buying a bond or glue, remember that anything that might cause your eyelids to itch is not suitable for you. It would help if you took enough time out of your busy schedule to find the most reliable and effective adhesive. Most of the available forms of adhesive are easy to apply. All you need to do is first choose your favourite lashes, then buy some tweezers, as they would help you hold eyelashes so you can apply lash adhesive

While applying eyelashes, make sure that each eyelid is entirely oil-free and clean. Trim the length of the fake lashes until you reach the appropriate one. Apply eyelash adhesive on the strip, wait for a few seconds and place it as near the source of the eyelash as possible. Next, press it in place for up to twenty seconds, and then remove the tweezers. Open your eyes and look in the mirror to see how it looks. If you are okay with it, go on to fix the other one. 


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