Find a Reliable Dentist in Grove City, Ohio

Find a Reliable Dentist in Grove City, Ohio

Dental emergencies can arise when we least expect them. Whether it’s a chipped tooth or a tooth infection, an emergency dentist can help. Emergency dentists in the Grove City area can help with various dental situations.

Most dental practices will offer emergency dental services. A dentist in Grove City Ohio will see patients for various reasons, like cavities, tooth extractions, root canals, and routine cleaning. Emergency dental situations can involve any of these reasons. Knowing if a dentist offers emergency dental services is vital for a patient.

Combating Dental Problems

Some of the worst pain a person can experience is associated with dental problems. When a tooth is infected, it affects the sensitive nerves inside the tooth. Patients will need antibiotics to remove the infection before a dentist can perform any dental procedures. The risk of blood poisoning is too high for a dentist to risk touching the tooth.

Once a tooth infection gets removed, a dentist can safely work on the problem. The dentist may perform a root canal on the tooth if more than 80% of the enamel is left intact. If less than 80% of the enamel remains in the tooth, the dentist will prefer to extract it instead. Tooth extraction has pros and cons but is safe to perform.

Tooth Extraction Pros

  • Removes risk of future infection
  • Immediate relief from pain

Tooth Extraction Cons

  • Requires implant or bridge replacement
  • Gums need time to heal
  • Risk of “dry socket” as the socket closes
  • Temporary residual pain from the extraction

Root canals can be less troublesome than a tooth extraction. When dentists perform a root canal, the dentist will first drill into the tooth to expose the nerve. Next, the nerve gets extracted and the tooth is filled with dental cement. Once the dentist reshapes the remainder of the tooth with dental cement, a crown will be placed over it to simulate the tooth’s original shape. Crowns come in porcelain or silver. Porcelain crowns look closer to real teeth and can be color-shaded to match a patient’s natural tooth color.

Avoiding Dental Issues

The best way to avoid having dental problems is to brush often and visit a dentist for routine cleaning. Routine cleanings do more than brush away debris you can’t reach at home with a toothbrush. They also help protect enamel and gums. Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth decay and loss.

Avoiding Dental Issues

Protecting our teeth should be taken very seriously. Once our teeth are gone, the only way to replace them is with implants, dentures, or bridges. Each type of replacement for teeth has its ups and downs. Implants will be the most like a patient’s original teeth. Dentures come close but have the downside of wearing down the bone underneath the gums. Implants stimulate the bone’s growth via their anchors. The implant’s anchors get installed in the socket of the original tooth. The anchors will act as the original tooth’s root does when chewing, promoting bone growth around them.

Protect Your Smile

Our teeth are important and should be treated as such. Without them, it becomes harder and harder to eat properly. With simple care and the help of a reliable dentist, a person’s smile never has to fade.


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