Discover the Art of Creating Hat Styles Using Different Hatbands


If you want to get the most out of your hat, learn how to enhance the style with simple changes like replacing the hatband. It is the simplest way to give your hat a new appearance. Hatbands are an important part of the hat design as they help keep the hat’s form. Furthermore, it improves the looks.

Imagine how much fun it would be to wear an off-white fedora with a deep brown hatband! The look will tempt you to try out more varied hatbands. More accessories equal more styling possibilities, and because fashion is all about renewing looks, learning how to use hatbands can help you stand out from the crowd. 

First thing first: hat needs good care

Knowing how to handle your hat properly is the first step in caring for it. Hats are exquisite fashion items, and because of their practicality, they are frequently worn, necessitating extra caution when handling them. If you wear hats regularly and may seldom go out without one, you need to know how to care for them so that they keep their form and appearance for many years. However, when you’ve done everything you can to make your headwear more stylish and unique, you must take the finest possible care of them, or else you’ll be disappointed at its appearance after a few days of wear.

Hats become a part of one’s identity

People get so devoted to their hats that they become a part of their identity at a certain point in time, even if wearing them is no longer conventional and is more for fashion. You may know somebody who wears a hat, and you have grown so accustomed to seeing that person wearing it that you find it difficult to accept the person when the hat is removed or changed. Even the person would refrain from sporting too many hats as he too would be cautious of his look. Instead, they limit themselves to a few varieties that are easy to recognize and accept. 

Hatbands, a game-changer

But often, we get bored of the same look of the hat, and thus we tend to try out various accessories. One such accessory that has the potential to alter the whole appearance of a hat entirely is a hatband. Designers opine that adding exquisite accessories might give your headgear a new lease of life. Exclusive hatbands may give your hats an entirely new dimension without burning a hole in your wallet.

The best part about adorning a hat with accessories is that it’s just for a short time. Depending on the image you want to achieve, you should continuously modify your accessories as needed. You may change your appearance, style, and hatbands as often as you like. Your favorite headwear can be styled in an infinite number of ways using removable and temporary hatbands.

Why are hatbands so significant to hat wearers?

Initially, people wore hatbands to designate their class. It signified dignity for them. The cowboys and cowgirls wore different cowboy hat bands to distinguish themselves from the ranchers of other regions. Later they solely began to be used for styling purposes.

Different occasions call for different attire ensembles. If you are planning to wear a hat, it must sync with the milieu of the event. So, will you be buying a new hat every time you get an invitation to an event? You can do so if you want to have a hat collection, but the wisest thing would be to change the hatbands. Thanks to the hat makers, these bands are made keeping in mind the need for every occasion. Be it for a wedding, beach party, or funeral, you have hatbands available to match any event.

It may also be worn to refresh the appearance of the hat. The bands may be switched from one hat to another by the wearer. If you have an old hat that you want to wear to a wedding, sew the band to the hat to make it seem new.

Types of hatbands available in the market

There are so many patterns to pick from that it might be difficult to decide what to choose and what to avoid. The designs vary depending on the style of the hat and the purpose of the event you will be attending. Some common types available for the buyers are –

  • Solid colored plain cotton, silk, nylon, or satin ribbon bands 
  • Beaded Native American hatbands
  • Stripped bands
  • Printed bands
  • Feather bands
  • Snakeskin bands
  • Horsehair braided bands
  • Leather bands
  • Lacy bands
  • Seashells, feathers, or other ornaments connected with leather belts 

These bands usually come with adjustable straps. 

How to know which hatband is for you

Finding the right hatband that matches your hat as well as your temperament may be a challenging task. You can follow these steps to guide your search for the perfect hatband.

  • Explore the web world or any other sources (like the fashion booklets) to know about the ongoing trend and get an idea of your available options.
  • Narrow down your preferences. You will be the best judge to decide what suits you best. Also, keep in mind the occasion you will wear the hatband to. 
  • If you seem to head nowhere with the search, take the help of your family or friends as they have known you for a long time. Hence, they will also be able to guide you and give you the right advice.
  • While looking into the various options on the internet, read through the reviews of the previous customers. It will give you a clear notion of which product to buy. 
  • To get a first-hand experience, it’s always good to pay a visit to the nearest physical hat store. Carry your hat along with you to see what goes best with it. There’s a great difference between visualizing and seeing things for real.
  • You also have the option to make a hatband of your own if you do not seem to find a suitable one. 


The hatbands may be small strap-like things, but when attached to your hat add a lot of value to it. The bands and hats may be mixed and matched. Be careful to select the correct sort for the correct headwear. Wearing a leather band on a straw hat will make you look peculiar. Wearing a hat with a hatband gives you a distinct look. The hat’s appearance varies each time you alter the band, which adds to the flexibility factor of this simple yet elegant accessory.


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