Different ways to light up your living room

living room

If you are looking for extraordinary ways by which you can light up your living room, then this is the place for you. We are here with some outstanding ideas on how you can decorate your living room with better lighting. 

Oversized statement light: By using an oversized statement lightly, you can give a modern look to your living room. These oversized statement lights provide ample but diffused light in your entire room. This can give you a really warm and comfortable feeling. These lights are also available in classic designs and can give a vintage look to your house. You can treat this lighting as a piece of furniture as well as a beautiful source of illumination for your house. Interior designers in Bangalore will also suggest you use oversized statement lights for your house.

Moroccan lanterns: Moroccan lanterns can incorporate a Moroccan-style interior design into your living room. These beautiful dreamy lanterns can give you a beautiful feeling. They can light up your entire room and make you feel really satisfied and happy. These lights can be used for other rooms of your house as well. However, they work best for your living room. They are also capable of casting magical shadows when placed at the center of your room. They also become the focal point of your room.

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Chandelier: You can use a chandelier to light up your entire living room. These chandeliers come in different styles and designs and they can also light up your entire room uniformly. However, if you have a very large room, then you can opt for two or more chandeliers. Having a large chandelier with 10 to 12 lights can be a magnificent way of lighting your room. You can also use other lights along with your chandelier so that every corner of the room is equally well lit. You can also take suggestions from interior designers in Bangalore on this matter.

Pendant lights: Pendant lights are very popular lighting for the dining and living room. These lights are hung from the roof of the room and are meant for occasional use only. They have a very versatile nature and can give your entire room a sophisticated look. These lights are also known for their artistic effect. You can use several pendants together for interior designing. These pendants can be of different shapes and designs and it is going to give ambient light to your room.

Spotlight: Spotlight can be a really good option for rooms having low ceilings. This is mainly because of the fact that you can either mount them on the ceiling or hang them from the wall as well. The spotlight can be customized as per your requirement. They can also be placed in such a way that they are directed at a particular object only. However, if you wish to light up a distant target, then you require your spotlight to have strong bulbs. Otherwise, they will not provide you with ambient light.

And these are some of the ways by which you can light up your living room. For more interesting ideas, you can consult with the Interior designers in bangalore.


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