Different types of photo prints


The availability of several types of photo prints makes it difficult for you to select the best printing type. That’s why our guide will take you to all the different types of printing mediums. At the end of this blog, you will be able to identify the pros and cons of each type. So, if you are planning for a photo print and not sure what to pick, let’s start with the blog.

What Is a Photographic Print?

A photographic print refers to any picture object created through a printing process. It’s a technique of taking a digital (or film) picture and turning it right into a physical print for displaying at your place.

The most famous photo print form is a trendy paper print or a custom canvas print, which you may frequently choose at your nearby grocery store for some dollars. But you can also opt for other mediums – some of them are quite popular and provide a fantastic look for your image.

What Is a Printing Medium?

A printing medium refers purely to the material and fabric used on which the print is prepared.

Again, the most common printing medium is paper, on which you may print a picture then frame and decorate it with your choice. 

There are many printing mediums available that are famous too.

Some of those mediums are designed for a completely “classic” appearance. While others are prepared with a modern style. And even inside a single printing medium, there are frequently numerous techniques and forms of developing a print (in addition to numerous techniques and patterns for placing that same print).

So you could possibly create a unique paper print, or a classic one, or a high-assessment paper print or a diminished paper print, all primarily based totally on the distinctive forms of paper used and the distinctive techniques of printing.

Now, honestly speaking, every printing medium has its personal strengths and weaknesses. These have a tendency to be grouped in some categories, along with longevity, average appearance, and fee (with a few print mediums always costing greater than others).

Now let’s discuss some of the most demanding and common printing types.

Photo Print Types

Out of all different printing mediums, there are 3 that stand out as extraordinarily famous in today’s world:

  • Paper.
  • Metal.
  • And Custom Canvas Prints

●     Paper Prints

Paper prints are traditional in the image world, owing to their flexibility, subtle appearance, and simplicity at which they may be created. A paper print simply inks on paper, so it’s lightweight and less expensive.

You should purchase paper prints of all sizes, from tiny 4 x 6 prints to hulking 40 x 60 pieces. Or you may make a pleasant print, yourself, via a way of making an investment in a surprisingly low-cost home printer.

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But paper prints range in best, and it’s hard to realize how long a paper print will work without analyzing the substances used withinside the printing process. Plus, paper prints are very fragile, that’s why you’ll normally need to feature a frame to save it from scratches, fingerprints, and different wear-tear from destroying the photo.

And frames themselves may be pretty pricey, so even in case you save some bucks in printing costs, you’ll nonetheless need to cope with the fee of the frame.

On the other hand, paper prints provide very true-to-life colorings, so your images will pop out appearing best with no color or tone distortion.

●     Metal Prints

Metal prints are extremely famous in today’s artwork world. They’re made via means of printing ink on metal, and that they provide stunning best with a modern appearance–so, at the same time as you probably couldn’t recollect placing a metallic print in a vintage Victorian house, it’d appear high-quality in a fresh, new house.

High-quality metallic prints generally tend to close for an extended time, however, they’re very expensive to make. So in case you’re seeking to create some family prints in your partitions at home, you could need to recollect different alternatives.

On the other hand, metallic prints can manage a bit of wear (they’re waterproof, after all!). And metallic prints are right away eye-catching, way to the manner they beautify colorings and make your photo pop off the background. Plus, you don’t want to border metallic prints–you may mount them immediately to the wall–which could prevent enormous cash and headaches.

So in case you’re seeking out an outstanding print that may honestly galvanize viewers, metallic is a high-quality choice.

Canvas Prints

Custom Canvas prints are stunning, they’re elegant, and these prints can appear best in any place.

They’re made via means of printing on canvas, then stretching it throughout a (normally timber) frame.

Canvas prints provide a few first-class textures in your pics–so they’re a high-quality choice in case you need to present your picture with a greater three-dimensional experience.

Though canvas prints are a bit expensive, as with these printings you won’t require any type of framing, this saves a lot of bucks.

In the image world, canvas prints honestly have become famous over the previous few years. Randomly visit any prestigious art flair and you will find the use of canvas print everywhere.

The first-class characteristic of canvas prints is the dearth of glare, which makes them displayable in all varieties of locations. While canvas prints don’t have the sturdiness of metallic, they provide a pleasant compromise, due to the fact they are able to really manage greater than a paper print–or an unframed one, at least!

Creative Printing Mediums

Now that you’re acquainted with the most famous forms of photo prints, it’s time to study the much less famous–however nonetheless fairly relevant!–alternatives, along with:

  • Acrylic prints.
  • Wood prints.
  • And posters.

Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints are an up-and-coming print kind, imparting excellent, colorful colorings, in addition to a modern-day appearance that’ll galvanize quite a few anyone.

Wood Prints

Wood prints aren’t precisely the most famous alternative in the market, however, they’re artsy and innovative, making them best for photographers seeking to move towards the grain.

Wood will provide your pics a rougher, greater textured look for a uniquely antique experience.


Posters aren’t the maximum conventional technique of showing pics, however, they’ve risen in recognition over the last few years.

And for valid reasons:

Posters come up with a cheap, flexible manner to print your images large.


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