Dealing with tired eyes


Just like the rest of our bodies, our eyes can also become tired. Characteristics of tired eyes include burning and itching in the eyes.

Most often, we also forget to blink frequently –which then causes eyes to become tired –therefore, eyes then produce extra tears to help abate the dryness, which then leads to water in the eye.

Moreover, tired eyes also become sensitive to light. Alongside visions problems, strain in the eyes also leads to headaches and even neck and should pain as well.

Tired eyes can be caused by various factors, therefore, when dealing with them, you must enlist the help of Eye specialist in Islamabad. Usually, however, eye strain is a result of overworking the eyes, for example, driving or reading for long periods of time, which then tires out the eyes.

Many times, it is also a result of excessive use of screens. When we gaze at the screens for too long, we stress out the muscles of the eyes.

For such relatively harmless causes of tired eyes, solutions entail making few changes to your life.

Dealing with tired eyes

Cut back on screens

The world has gone digital, and screens have become ubiquitous. Your work, learning, communication, everything happens on the screens. However, you should still try to limit screen usage where and when possible, as they harm your eyes.

Pick up a paperback instead of your Kindle, try to spend time elsewhere rather than scrolling through your phone. Find other hobbies instead of binge-watching shows on the television.

Decorum to use screens

We cannot completely eliminate screens from our lives, but we can use them in way fashion that minimizes damage to the eyes. One way is by taking breaks when using screens. Use the easy 20-20-20 rule for this; after every 20 minutes, look at 20 feet away, for 20 seconds.

Moreover, we don’t realize it, but when we focus on our screens for too long, we do not blink our eyes as much as we should, which then leads to them becoming dry and tired. Therefore, make conscious efforts to blink your eyes. You can also use artificial tears at the discretion of your doctor.

To avoid neck and shoulder pain, place the screen across your line of sight. Also, place the screens such that they do not catch glare from any of the lights in the room. Glare can make it harder for you to see, which then takes a toll on your eyes.

Similarly, make sure that the contrast on your screens is set perfectly, so you do not have to strain your eyes to see. Moreover, use larger font size, so that you do not have to strain your eyes to read.

For people who have to look at screens and documents at the same time, investing in a document holder is better, as it helps in minimizing the adjustment strain on your eyes as well as makes it easier on your neck and should as well.

Watch your lighting

Your lighting plays an important role for your sight, and therefore, needs to be optimal. If you are reading something, especially a fine print, you need to be around an adequate light source. When you read in dim light, you over-exert your eyes.

The placement of light is also important; the light source should be placed such that the light shines directly onto your page. If all you get are the shadows, the purpose is defeated.

However, when you are using screens, like watching television, dim the light in the room so your eyes can have it easy.


There are now available contacts and glasses that are designed especially for people working at the computer. You should then visit the Best Eye specialist in Lahore for writing you a prescription of these if they will be fruitful for in your case.


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