Crucial steps to take soon after a Hawaii car accident – A guide for drivers

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As per the Hawaii’s Transport Department, near about 150-200 vehicle accident fatalities occur every year. Speeding is the top leading cause of accidents in Hawaii, the other causes being driving on the wrong side, not being able to stop at the right signal. Taking improper turns and crossing the yellow line. There are even too many DUI cases in Hawaii due to which people often seek help of a DUI attorney in Hawaii

As the road safety incidents tend to outpace the numbers of the previous year, Hawaii County Law Enforcement accepts the fact that 2022 is off to a precarious start. Till date, Maui County has witnessed a 400% hike in fatal car accidents from the same time last year. On the other hand, Honolulu County has witnessed a 45% increase in fatal car crashes. Too many people are driving under the influence of alcohol, especially during the festive weekends. 

What are you supposed to do soon after a car accident in Hawaii? Here are a few steps to check out.

  • Check whether you’ve got injuries

When you’ve met with a Hawaii car crash, you should try to stop as close as you can to the accident site. Check yourself and your co-passengers to make sure everyone is safe. If things are good with all, call 911. You have to remember that emergency responders can reach faster to you when they are sure about your location. Accident scenes can be too noisy and dangerous. Inform the dispatcher if you feel anyone is in danger. 

  • Gather evidence about the passengers and vehicles

Ask for the full name of the passengers, their addresses, their contact details, and their birth dates. With regards to the vehicles, jot down the model, make, license plate, year, and expiration date of the vehicle. Open the dashboard to find out the VIN. Don’t forget to ask for permission before you enter a car to find out the VIN. 

  • Inform your insurance company

Majority of the auto insurance policies will possess a Notice of Occurrence and Cooperation clause. This clause will mean that you are agreeing to inform your insurance company whenever you meet with an accident. If you’re still wondering about whether or not you should get in touch with an insurance policy, you shouldn’t give a second thought. You are under the obligation of informing promptly about an accident. Failing to notify your insurer on time can lead to a hike in premium rates. 

  • Know about Hawaii No-fault insurance

Hawaii is a no-fault state. This clearly means that the insurance company is liable to pay the bills for the losses, damages, and injuries caused to you and to your passengers. However this limit will be up to the PIP limit and nothing more than that. Unless there are highly critical injuries, you can’t sue or be sued. 

Therefore, if you’re someone who is looking for some tips on how to deal with a car accident in Hawaii, you should follow the strategies given above. 


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