Can Blue Light Glasses Help Relieve Migraines and Headaches?


We are digital humans; not a moment passes by (apart from when we are sleeping), when we don’t stare at the smartphone or laptop screens. The strain that we put our eyes through, usually results in headaches and migraines for many. 

And this is why the marketplace has been all over blue light glasses. There are various arguments regarding these glasses, as to whether they really work or not. Many claim that these glasses are exceptional in offering relief from headaches as they block the blue light being exhibited by the screens. But let’s have a deeper insight to it, before we make a decision. 

What is Blue Light?

Blue light has a bad reputation but it isn’t all bad. It is simply a part of the visible light spectrum, traveling to a wavelength of 380 to 500 nm. It is not only emitted by your smart devices’ screens but is naturally found in sunlight too. 

However, the sun doesn’t emit it directly to your eyes but your digital devices like your laptop, smartphones, television screens do so. Thus, it results in eye damage, headaches and migraines, disrupted sleep patterns and blurry vision too. 

Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

Research shows that blue light glasses do work and they can be beneficial in several different ways. It reduces the eye strain and prevents you from eye damage. 

Blue light glasses are built on the concept of eye protection. As lenses come with a coating to protect you from UV light, these glasses are innovated with a similar idea. They are usually coated with a tinted material which plays a massive role in filtering out the light. 

Do Blue Light Glasses Provide Relief from Headaches?

The biggest cause of headaches or migraines is eye strain. Thus, when we sit in front of our laptop or computer screens for long hours or watch our smartphones for unlimited time; it does boost headaches. 

However, the blue light glasses do come in as saviors and play a huge role in offering relief from headaches and migraines. It’s best to get an eye exam if you feel this problem. 

Once the harmful light rays are blocked out, with these glasses, they do not harm the eyes as they usually do. Therefore, it results in less headaches and migraines or maybe, you might get none at all. 

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses 

There are several other perks of blue light glasses, for example:

  • They reduce eye strain 
  • As UV light rays increase eye risks, the glasses play a huge role in reducing eye damage 
  • It also helps in resolving sleep issues as your exposure to blue light is limited which can be a huge factor of sleep deprivation. 


To conclude it all; can blue light glasses help in resolving your headache issues? Yes, they can. They block the harmful rays of the blue light and protect you from constant eye strain, reducing the overall eye damage.


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