Best Necklaces To Pair With Silk Sarees


There is nothing as timeless and classic as a silk saree beautifully placed in our closets. Some came to us as an heirloom while many borrowed from our mother. A silk saree on its own is an ode to choicest fashion and the only way you can enhance its beauty is by accessorizing it with jewel pieces that do justice to your 9 yards of grace. Jewellery piece like necklaces has a way to accentuate a silk saree. They blend in perfectly with the outfit while leaving a mark of their own, it will not be an overpowering element either an understatement to your look but does work the right magic. We cannot think of styling our silk saree without a pretty necklace and you shouldn’t too. Listed below are our top 5 ways to spruce up silk by just adding different styles of necklaces.

Traditional & Temple Necklace: Gold jewellery is always synonymous with accessorizing a saree and it’s only fair to begin the list with just that. An antique and beautifully crafted temple necklace is nothing short of magic traversed onto the silk. The Temple necklace ideally depicts the old and traditional depiction of Indian deities, temple, and intricate designs. They are a head-turner when adorned with dark-hued sarees or pearl white sarees.

Pearl Necklace: The elegance a pearl brings to any ensemble is unmatched, adding them to a silk saree is beyond divine. The Pearl necklace brings out the richness of the silk saree and amplifies the whole look to regal. You can opt for a single-stranded pearl necklace with a statement pendant or multi-layered ones. A contrasting pendant affixed to the chain will also be equally beautiful. Wear a soothing coloured pearl necklace with a vibrant yellow or fuchsia pink saree to bedazzle any event.

Beaded Necklace: If you are head to a more sophisticated event and you do not want to look over the top yet not compromise on style? We have just the right thing for you. Pair your handloom with a necklace stringed with beads to give the saree a more graceful look. A multi-layered beaded necklace does become attractive but also complements a silk saree well. Wear it to a formal event or a simple function to make it a well pulled through outfit.

Kundan Necklace: Like the silk saree, a Kundan necklace has its own legacy in the heart of ethnicity. Every Indian woman owns a piece of Kundan jewel in their trinket and rightly so. Adorning a silk saree and topping the look with a Kundan necklace will add elegance to the ensemble. A Kundan necklace is usually extravagant therefore complements extremely well with a mute-toned saree. You can match your earrings and maang-tika with a necklace to bring out the exuberance in the saree.

Coin Necklace: Chic yet classic, a coin necklace is unmissable when adorning a silk saree. A coin necklace a part of many traditional jewellery must-haves across India and is beautifully paired with a saree very often. You can mix and match a different length of chains to create a layered look for the chain to stand out. Find one a chain plated in gold colour to compliment every shade of your beloved Saree Quotes.

Our list ends here but the inspiration doesn’t. Try these necklaces with your saree or create your own style statement with the varied necklace but make sure to turn heads wherever you at.


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