Baby Blues: 5 Things to Include in a Gift Hamper for New Parents

Gift Hamper

So, your friends have just welcomed a baby into their lives. Now, do you know what they would appreciate the most at this point? The first thing that comes to mind is a good night’s sleep. Of course, a personalised baby gift box would help too.

Yet, it’s not always easy to put such hampers together. After all, you must include something for the parents as well. Yes! These gifts aren’t just for the infant. You have to curate them to cater to both parties. 

Wondering about how to go about it? Well, let’s walk you through it!

A Balancing Act

Contrary to popular belief, gift hampers must strike a balance between being visually appealing and practical. Think about it. Wouldn’t you like it if the moment you unwrap a box, you see brightly coloured things that all seem to have a purpose?

Keeping this in mind, it’d be best if you included these things in your gift basket:

  1. Footies, Booties and Everything Else in Between

Baby clothes are one of the first few things expecting parents buy. It’d be nice if you took some of that responsibility onto yourself.

Anything goes here, from cute little printed onesies to the most adorable booties. But ensure that you pick them in pairs. So, two for every clothing or accessory piece. Moreover, don’t worry about keeping colours gender-specific. That’s not a thing anymore. And the idea behind the traditional ‘blue or pink’ is somewhat old-fashioned, anyway.

  1. A Bottle of Bubbly

Nothing says ‘congratulations’ better than sparkling wine. However, there are some nuances to picking the right brand. A good rule of thumb is to base your decision on where you live. 

Australia, for example, has the lowest wine consumption rate compared to other countries. This means that there are fewer brands in circulation, and people are also more discerning regarding alcoholic beverages. 

So, pick something that exudes subtlety. For instance, a Moet & Chandon Rose will work perfectly well here.

  1. Plushies to Stop the Crying

It’s incredible how easy it is to appease babies. Alright, it’s not so straightforward all the time. But, eight times out of ten, stuffing a teddy bear into the hands of a crying infant will distract them long enough for parents to figure something out.

The best part about these items is that you don’t have to spend too much time deciding on them. Grab whatever’s available from an online or physical retail store. Just ensure the toy doesn’t have those creepy, glassy eyes.

  1. Teething Rings and Stroller Blankets

Teething is the first real challenge new parents face. Of course, it doesn’t compare to childbirth. Still, it’s a frustrating issue to deal with for many.

Choose something that doesn’t break easily, though. Most babies tend to go at it when chewing on teething rings. They won’t be able to do any serious damage, but the risk of ring fragments getting stuck into their mouth is something you’d want to avoid.

You could also pack in some stroller blankets and bibs as additional gifts. Rest assured, the parents will appreciate the thought.

  1. A Beautiful Set of Scented Candles

Let’s be honest. As cliched as they may be, no personalised baby gift box is complete without a beautiful set of scented wax candles. And this doesn’t have to be for the infant exclusively.

For example, new mothers will always enjoy a relaxing bath after dealing with a crying toddler all day. Who knows, the soothing aroma from artisanal candles could also put an end to a bawling baby.

Thoughtful Gestures

There will come a day when you’ll have to babysit the infant you’re buying the hamper for. Please don’t back away from it. After all, you probably had help when it was your time to look after someone new in your life. It’d be nice if you passed the gesture along.

Also, once the new parents feel comfortable going out, take them somewhere nice and, more importantly, quiet. They have enough screaming to deal with at home as it is.


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