All About Double Shower Heads


These types of shower are quickly becoming popular options for bathroom renovations. You’ve probably seen them on home design programs, in high-end hotels, or in opulent spas.

They’re also becoming more popular in master baths. Another double shower is distinguished by the fact that it contains two shower heads rather than one. However, double showers may also contain the following:

  • A shower head on the ceiling
  • Sprayers with a handle
  • Sprays or jets for the body
  • A marble bench
  • Double entry doors
  • And much more.


It is vital to distinguish between a double shower and a dual shower nozzle, which is just two shower heads connected to the same source. Typically, the shower heads in a double shower are located on opposing sides of the shower and face each other. This enables two lovers to shower at the same time without sharing a single shower head. There are some other aspects to think before adding a double shower in your shower makeover.

Reasons to consider it:

Duplex shower head arrangements combine two shower heads into one, one permanent and one detachable. The two-in-one design allows you to tailor your shower experience to your mood by changing between the fixed and hand-held heads. You may also use both showers simultaneously with our digital shower range.

Indeed five good reasons to install a dual shower in your house.

  • Spa like experience:

One of the most significant advantages of a double showers is the ability to have a spa-like experience in your own house. The stationary head delivers a soothing and soaking full-body spray, and the hand-held head delivers a forceful and exhilarating spray that can be aimed to massage particular sections of your body. Combine different your dual shower with a walk-in shower enclosure to provide the ultimate spa-like sensation.

  • Flexibility:

You have more versatility when bathing with two shower heads that serve distinct functions, and you may adjust your shower experiences to your needs. Spraying configurations are controlled individually on each shower head, allowing you to program each shower head to produce a distinct sort of spray, and the portable head is ideal when you don’t want to get your hair wet.

  • Practicality:

Perhaps not the most glamorous of features, a twin shower head adds convenience when cleaning your shower. The custom head helps in cleaning your hot bath enclosures much faster and simpler, and the fact that there are two heads ensures you can use one to clean the other.

  • Free-spacing:

It may seem evident, but these showers may take up twice as much area, if not more, as a standard shower (which is typically 3’x5′ or 4’x6′ feet). Whenever you begin this project, consider how much capacity you have in your bathroom. You don’t want to offer yourself plenty of shower area while leaving very little space around your sinks and toilet. If you have a tiny bathroom, a washroom combo or a small standalone walk-in shower may be a better choice.


This article gathers information about dual shower head and explain that how such type of shower heads can be installed or configured. This blog post also contains information that there are some reasons that are vital for considering it such as flexibility, spa like experience, free spacing and so on.


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