A Handy Guide to Choose the Right Necklace Length


Ask a woman if she loves wearing jewelry, pat will come a reply that she loves adoring these shiny ornaments to enhance her look. Of all the jewelry pieces, necklaces are the quintessential part of the jewelry collection, and every woman has defiantly more than a couple in their collection. Necklaces have been around since the oldest civilization, primitive men and women wore necklaces around their necks made out of pebbles, shells, and even fish bones. With passing time, necklaces made out of gold and other precious metals became an indispensable part of women’s lives, because they effortlessly transform your attire from drab to fab.

 If you have had trouble with deciding the right necklace length and how they suit different necklines, we are here to lend you a helping hand to decode this.

Refer to Necklace Length Chart

Almost all renowned jewelers have a necklace length chart that gives you a fair idea of how far along the necklace falls. There are some standard measurements that you can rely on. However, one shouldn’t forget that we all have a unique body type, so the best thing to do would be to take a measuring tape, stand in front of the mirror and mark the length of necklace you desire. Now go back and compare it with the chart to make the right pick. Let’s quickly pen down the standard measurement of necklaces.

  • Choker: This kind of necklace sits snuggly on the base of your neck between the collar bones. These are usually 16 inches or 40 cm in length and look great when worn with an off-shoulder dress or a blouse with a crew or boat neckline. If you have been on the lookout for lightweight diamond necklaces, thenopt to visit this website to purchase diamond necklace – Melora for some latest fashionable designs.
  • Standard (princess) – This is the most preferred length of a necklace that falls just below the collar bone, and the measurement is anywhere between 18-20 inches or 45-50 cms. A pendant necklace of this length complements V-shape neckline blouses or even collared shirts. You can practically wear necklaces of this length with any outfit, and you will be ready to outshine everyone in the room. Melora is also this website to purchase gemstone necklace at a very reasonable price. Gemstone necklaces instantly add a pop of colour to your otherwise gloomy outfit.
  • Matinee – These sorts of necklaces fall anywhere between the collarbone and the bust. The measurement of these necklaces is between 22-26 inches or 55-65cm and they make an excellent choice for casual wear. These length necklaces suit turtleneck tops and even look good with formal collared Kurtis to work.
  • Opera – The necklaces that fall a few centimeters below the bust are called opera-length necklaces. The measurements lie between 28-34 inches or 70-85 cms.  Not an ideal choice for work, these make pretty sight when worn with casual frocks for an outing with friends. Depending on the length you can even wrap this necklace twice to create a layering effect.

We hope this exclusive necklace buying guide could give you some insights into shopping for different necklace lengths. Use this to get an idea and make your buying experience not only effortless but informed.


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