A Complete Guide To Your Comfortable Sleep With Japanese Dakimakura.


A pillow is a necessary component of sleep. Your pillows, like your mattress, impact how well you sleep. Your choice of pillow might mean the difference between having a nice and restful night’s sleep and waking up with body aches and pains.

Most of the time, people focus entirely on their beds and ignore their pillows. This is a serious error that could cost you money because you might end up upgrading your mattresses when a new pillow could take care of the issue. 

Similar to mattresses, pillows provide support and comfort. They line up your upper shoulders, neck, and head with your spine. Support is much better with body pillows. This post will concentrate on the most well-liked Japanese Dakimakura pillows, which are currently the newest craze in the pillow market. You will be guided through all the subtleties of the Dakimakura cushion, making it simple to choose the ideal one for yourself.

What Makes a Dakimakura Pillow The Best?

The Dakimakura cushion is a relatively recent entry into the pillow market. It has been popular in Japan for a while but has just recently entered the mainstream US market. 

The Dakimakura cushions have gained rapidly in popularity across the globe since their “discovery.” Since the 1990s, Dakimakura pillows have dominated the pillow market in Japan. The markets in the USA are catching up quickly as well.

Dakimakura pillows are typically pillows with anime designs or themes on them to keep things straightforward. They are long body pillows, so their length is sufficient to cover an adult human on average, and they have unique Japanese animation or “anime” depicted on them. 

Despite being referred to be Dakimakura pillows, these are typically only pillowcases. It is necessary to purchase the inside pillow separately. Dakimakura pillows were initially merely pillowcases with anime designs, but some businesses, particularly in the west, now sell the pillowcase together with the pillow.

Body pillows vs. Dakimakura Pillows

In the traditional sense, body pillows are orthopedic or specialty pillows suggested by a medical professional to give you better spine support. They are used under particular medical circumstances, such as pregnancy or following physical harm, to maintain proper posture while sleeping. Body pillows’ primary function is to provide physical support.

The Dakimakura cushion concept is defined and explained using body pillows, yet there is a fundamental distinction between these two goods. Although their shapes and sizes tend to be relatively similar, their primary distinction is in how they are used. Dakimakura pillows are expressive instruments, as opposed to body pillows, which are normally utilized more now for physical comfort and support.

However, the sole purpose of the Dakimakura pillows is to provide emotional comfort. They were originally intended to be anime spin-offs, but they have since replaced safety blankets and fluffy comforters as popular comfort items. They put a distinct spin on the giant teddy bear you like to cuddle up with at night.

Body cushions and Dakimakura pillows have different sizes and clearly different purposes. Size guidelines for body pillows are not set in stone. They may be available in a wide range of sizes. Dakimakura pillows, however, are typically only offered in three sizes:

· 150x 50 cm

· 160x 50 cm

· 100x 35 cm

Dakimakura pillows’ sizes are important since they are designed to match and relate to the anime subject they feature.

Attributes of Dakimakura Pillow

Identifying a Dakimakura cushion is simple. Some indicators include:

  • Just three sizes are offered
  • Characters from anime, manga and video games are printed. Sometimes they also display photographs of actual people.
  • Demonstrates two sides of your character. On the opposite wings of the pillow, you will find the character’s front and back.

The benefits of purchasing a Dakimakura pillow

Regardless of whether you are strictly a manga or anime enthusiast, several factors can persuade you to get a Dakimakura cushion. There’s a good possibility that if you’re one of several anime fans, you already have a Dakimakura pillow. Having this pillow on hand has the following advantages:

· Dakimakura pillows are excellent for bringing your bedroom decor to a new level of cuteness. Nothing is cuter than waking up to a soft, adorable anime figure smiling at you.

· Dakimakura cushions can give you emotional comfort while you sleep, like when you were a child and cuddled up to a doll or your favorite blanket. They have an anime image printed on them and are soft and cuddly. Hugging these pillows creates the impression that you’re hugging the person shown there, providing you with the comfort you need.

· Ideal for body alignment for the knee, shoulder, and neck; it relieves pressure point aches and body pains and gives appropriate spinal alignment. It also helps with illnesses like “Fibromyalgia”. Promote blood flow, notably in the knees and ankles when sleeping, giving pregnant women good support by relieving pressure on the back and stomach.

How to Maintain Your Dakimakura Pillow

Cleaning your Dakimakura Custom body pillow is easy. Most don’t require any extra care. Keep the following in mind:

  • To protect the print colors, wash in warm or cold water. If you don’t want your pillow to last as long, stay away from warm or hot water.
  • For around 15 minutes, rinse the Dakimakura cushion in water and a mild detergent. The detergent can be delicately removed by holding it under normal-temperature running water. In the shade, hang to dry.
  • Avoid using chemicals for stain and cloth whitening because they will fade the print’s color.
  • Dakimakura Custom body pillows are the best hand washed because the machine cycle could be harsh on their delicate covers.

A Dakimakura cushion is composed of two parts:

  • inner pillow for Dakimakura
  • pillowcase from Dakimakura

Generally speaking, these two components are supplied separately, just like regular pillows. There are many domestic alternatives now, so you are no longer required to purchase from Japanese producers. To preserve the originality of the pillow, most individuals prefer to purchase their Dakimakura interior pillow from Japan. However, unless you are particularly specific, that is no longer essential with several onshore options. One of the local producers can also provide you with an authentic inside Dakimakura pillow.

There are numerous benefits to purchasing a Dakimakura pillow. You don’t have to search for a love cushion or be an anime lover to own one. A Dakimakura cushion has various advantages, ranging from high comfort to a haven-like experience. Enjoy one of these adorable and cuddly sleeping companions now.


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