9 Things That Destroy Wood Flooring


Hardwood floors are a common choice for many American homeowners. They are durable, look great, and can last for years with proper care and maintenance. Unfortunately, various factors can cause your wood flooring to wear out prematurely. Improper cleaning, harsh chemicals, excessive moisture, heavy foot traffic, not opting for refinishing services, etc., can contribute to them deteriorating prematurely. Therefore, hardwood floors require special considerations to maintain their durability and strength over time. Continue reading this blog to understand what can ruin your wood floor’s integrity.

  1. Not Using Furniture Pads 

Not using furniture pads can leave marks and scratches on your beautiful wooden floor. Every time you sit on a couch or a chair that’s placed on a wooden plank, the wood flooring will indent. However, using furniture pads can prevent these marks, keeping your floor scratch-free. 

  1. Improper Cleaning   

Water-based products, glass cleaners, harsh chemicals, and scrubbers can all damage the visual appearance of your hardwood flooring. Additionally, dirt, dust, and other particles accumulate on hardwood floors and cause them to wear off early on. While sweeping your wood flooring regularly is necessary, avoiding harsh substances is equally important. 

Therefore, avoid using harsh brushes, bleaching agents, or steam cleaners to protect your wood floor’s integrity. 

  1. Increased Moisture Content 

While hardwood floors are durable and strong, they are not water-resistant. Thus, the high moisture content is one of the most common reasons for damaged wood flooring. Water spills, high humidity levels, sweeping with a wet mop, etc., are some factors that can ruin your flooring. 

One way to protect your floor from moisture damage is by reducing the humidity levels in your living space. Install a dehumidifier or consider polishing your wood floor to minimize moisture damage. Furthermore, use a damp mop or a soft-bristled brush to eliminate the accumulated dust and dirt on the floor.

Homeowners should also avoid installing hardwood floors in wet areas. These include bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, etc.    

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  1. Using Rugs 

Rugs might seem a good option to protect your hardwood flooring from moisture damage. However, using them for a prolonged period can dull your floor’s original color and shine. Therefore, ensure to relocate your rugs every few weeks to prevent discoloration. 

  1. Direct Sunlight Exposure 

Direct sunlight is another reason for hardwood floors to show discoloration. Prolonged direct sunlight exposure can cause the wood planks to expand and break over time. Therefore, consider installing drapes on windows and glass doors to maintain your wooden floor’s character and aesthetics. 

  1. Using Wrong Rug Pads 

Rug pads help keep your rugs in place. However, using the wrong rug pads can damage your wood flooring. Avoid rubber-backed mats to maintain your hardwood’s color and shine. 

  1. Heavy Foot Traffic
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Hardwood floors are durable. However, they aren’t as resilient as engineered or laminated wood floors. Therefore, they are not suitable for areas that have high foot traffic. Nonetheless, homeowners who wish to enhance their indoor aesthetics or increase their home’s value can consider installing hardwood floors in study rooms, personal libraries, and other areas with low foot traffic. 

  1. External Factors 

Dust, grime, rain, snow, and other external factors can make their way into your home through windows and doors and ruin your wood flooring. Homeowners who don’t place door mats are likely to spend most of their time cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors. 

Door mats are a barrier to outdoor contaminants, helping you wipe your feet every time you enter your house. They keep dust and grime from entering your living space and protect your wood flooring from stains and scratch marks.

  1. High Heels 

High heels might make you feel great but can harm your wood flooring beyond repair. Since your body’s weight isn’t distributed evenly in high heels, they can leave dents on the wooden planks. Therefore, avoid wearing high heels in the house and do your hardwood a favor. Switch to comfortable slippers when you’re indoors to enhance your flooring’s lifespan. 

The Bottom Line 

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About the Author 

Richard Edmond is an interior design expert who wishes to inform people about maintaining their windows, doors, and floors. He is currently teaching at a community college and writing blogs to reach maximum people.

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