7 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Gifts for Your Colleagues

Eco-Friendly Gifts

The Perfect Gift

Giving gifts in the office today can be risky, especially if you have a trendy conglomeration of coworkers who do all they can to be seen as eco-conscious, and trendy. and influential types.

Accordingly, you want to give “sustainable”, or “eco-friendly” gifts whenever you can in the office; it’s just good common sense these days. Here are a few suggestions that may help.

1. A Gravity Lamp

Gravity lamps use a system like a cuckoo clock to produce electricity. A weight pulls down on an apparatus that produces energy. When it reaches the bottom of the “chain”, users just reset the unit and the light never stops. This is a totally “green” alternative to batteries, fire-based lighting, and grid-based electricity. Read more about it here.

2. SWAG Goods From Companies That Contribute to Eco Causes

SWAG stands for “Stuff We All Get”. There are producers of upscale “SWAG” that donate portions of proceeds to ecological causes. Socks, shirts, t-shirts, shoes, hats, belts, lanyards, water bottles; the list goes on.

Especially if you’re compelled to give a gift, this is a good way to go. That eco-friendly friend in your office has to get excited about socks if part of the money went to a good cause. You can’t lose!

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3. Solar-Powered Phone Chargers

There are different options for solar phone chargers out there. Some are designed specifically for phones, others are small portable solar panels that can be used for the purpose. Either option is surprisingly affordable and will give your coworker the ability to communicate even in the event of a total grid blackout—provided, of course, cell towers have backup power.

4. Window Garden “Kits”

Window garden kits allow those who have them to get a garden started from the kitchen window. This is a great way to have fresh food on demand all the time. This sort of thing is ideal for female coworkers; males are likely to neglect a window garden. Also, check out this link to sustainable gifts for females for top-tier eco-friendly presents calibrated toward ladies.

5. Subscription Boxes to Eco-Friendly Products Like Cleaners

There are subscription boxes for things like “green” cleaning products. Generally, explore what eco-friendly boxes are out there. Quite a few different options exist; you can find multiple boxes for multiple coworkers.

6. A Bamboo Plant, Spider Plant, or English Ivy

All plants clean the air to some degree. Some plants do this more noticeably than others. For houseplants, bamboo, spider plants, and English ivy are all good choices. These look good, are easy to care for, clean the air, and ultimately represent a fine “green” option for just about anybody in the office. Just be sure whoever you give it to doesn’t suffer from allergies.

7. Self-Filling Water Bottles Pulling H20 From the Air

This is a new thing that anybody can get behind, whether or not they are eco-conscious, owing to associated convenience. Technology exists that can pull water from the very air, providing an endless source of free clean water. Check out this article to learn more about this particular gift option.

Gifts That Build Relationships and Conserve the Environment

Gravity lamps, companies that contribute to eco-causes for whatever you buy, solar-powered phone chargers, window garden “kits”, subscription boxes that include eco-friendly products, plants that clean the air, and self-filling water bottles are all great gifts for coworkers that seek to be as sustainable as they can.


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