6 Tips to Decorate your Living Room

tips to decorate living room

The living room is the most used area of the home. Whether it’s your relaxing time or a weekend party, the living room provides complete comfort. To enjoy the comfort of this place you have to decorate it perfectly. This area needs proper care to create a warm welcoming look. Keep things simple and stylish in your living space. Choose the decorations that you like and give the place a finished look. Every action has a significant impact on the overall appearance of the living room.

It’s natural to be nervous before decorating such a major place. Not to worry, we’ve put together step-by-step instructions on how to organize a living room for maximum impact.

We’re going to discuss some detailed tips to decorate your living room. But before that we would suggest you to visit Copper And Tweed to find some nice and elegant furniture pieces that will surely add elegance to your living room.

MDI Painting

Plants and Greenery can be added

If you want to bring some life into your living room right away, invest in some well-designed indoor flora. The flash of green from your planter will lighten up your area while offering visual breathability, which is especially useful in rooms with predominantly neutral hues. A sprig of greenery on a drab shelf or bleak mantlepiece instantly brightens the space and makes a drab room feel clean, fresh, and airy. Greenery will freshen your moods during your low time and provide you with the benefit of an airy environment within your living area.

Choose a color scheme

Coming up with a color scheme for your area is the first stage in the planning process. Having a defined color palette will make your room apart whether you paint your walls or not. There is no right or wrong way to use color, but if you’re new to design, we recommend sticking to a limited palette of two to three light neutrals. MDI Painting Services in Melbourne provides the best color schemes for walls painting. You can get the help of these professionals to choose the color scheme for your living area.

Pay Attention to Walls Painting

Walls can make your living area wider and more beautiful by adding the best-suited paint or wallpapers. You can select the colors of the wall according to your furniture colors. It will help you to maintain a theme color according to your choice. You can get the help of professionals from House Painting Melbourne to paint your walls according to the color scheme. Walls painting will make your area neat and make your place more welcoming.

Creative Placement

If you’re hanging mirrors, pictures, or paintings behind your couch, make sure they’re in proportion to the item – the width of the piece or arrangement should be around 2/3 the width of the sofa. Wall paintings add a classy look to the area of living space. You can make your place more welcoming by adding some small creative things on the side tables and walls. These little things add a huge part in creating a classy look in your living area.

Pay Attention to Lightning

The living room is the space that is used for different occasions. You read your favorite book in the living area and this space provides you a party area at the weekends. That’s why this space needs different types of lightning according to the situations and usage. You may need a combination of lighting for your living area.  After you’ve chosen what you’ll need, you can concentrate on locating light sources that complement your interior design. Different types of lamps on your side tables look unique and stylish to provide a colorful area.

Keep Things Tidy; Get Rid of Stuff

We all have a tendency to accumulate and retain things. When you have a small living space, you need to keep an eye on how many wrappers and bills you have lying around. Clutter may drastically reduce the size of your space. Organize your daily necessities, such as your keys, wallet, and other valuables, so they aren’t strewn about the room. Make your space clutter-free to look elegant and classy.


Living rooms are the places that need more care as compared to the other rooms. Because they are the welcome space for guests or any visitor to your home. They need to be well organized and decorated to give a good impression to visitors. Here we have discussed some of the tips to decorate your living area according to your home texture.


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