6 Benefits of Hiring Through an Agency


In many instances, employers require specialist support when looking for the right candidates to fill their roles, whereas others are simply looking to save time and money. We believe that both of these benefits apply to hiring through an agency and have picked out just a few of the many benefits of hiring through a recruitment agency China -take a look at our top picks below:

Knowledge of the market

Finding and placing talent is the bread and butter of any good recruitment agency, so naturally, it benefits them to have their finger on the pulse of a given job market. A good recruitment agency will know what talent is available, where they are based, how best to contact them, expected salary rates of both the industry and the talent, and when the candidates are available to start. The best recruiters should act as your ears and eyes in the talent market, and work with you collaboratively to find the best solutions for you.

Budget friendly

Employers often cite budgeting and resource as a reason for their use of recruitment agencies. Agency fees can be managed in line with a company’s overall budget and included in their annual forecasting. Knowing exactly how much is going to be allocated to recruitment against the time and resources saved in the process, can benefit both the operational and financial management of any business.

Increased reach

The best talent in the market is often the busiest. An individual may not be responsive to standard job advertisements and may have taken themselves out of the talent pool – but they may be registered with an agency who will send them the most relevant jobs that suit their needs. It is this ‘exclusivity’ that recruitment agencies have access to. A good recruitment agency will know how to reach the best candidates and will have a network of contacts into which they can delve to find the best talent or the latest market information.

Candidates not applicants

You know the story; you post a job online to the appropriate job boards, only to get bombarded with applications and a raft of CVs to sift through in order to find the right candidate – even then, the right person may not be found. Using a recruitment agency eliminates this exhausting process. Agencies only put forward pre-selected candidates not applicants. They know exactly who is suitable for the role in question and will only put forward those that they deem right for the job. The recruitment agency will welcome your input, listening to your criteria and looking to make the perfect match.

Time saved

As touched on already, there is a great amount of time to be saved in a typical recruitment process. Think of the steps that would be done for you by an agency: screening CVs, initial interviews, salary negotiations, candidate communication and follow ups. Not only are these tasks taken off your hands, but as it is the ‘bread and butter’ of the agency, it will be done much more effectively.

Reduced risk

Without an agency, if it doesn’t work out with the successful applicant, you are left back at square one. With an agency there is often a rebate period, meaning that if things don’t work out, depending on the terms agreed, some refund may be in place. The agency can then communicate with you before going back to the talent pool and putting forward another suitable candidate. A misplaced candidate is only a small bump in the road compared to starting the whole process again without an agency.


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