5 Top Tips to Help a Rescue Dog Feel Happy in Your Home

5 Top Tips to Help a Rescue Dog Feel Happy in Your Home

As excited as you might be to welcome a rescue dog into your home, they might be less enthusiastic about moving into your address. Many dogs will have a history and might appear timid or fearful when they arrive at your property.

As its new owner, it is your responsibility to make a pooch feel safe, loved, and comfortable. Here are five top tips to help a rescue dog feel happy in your home.

  • Stock Up on Quality Pet Supplies

Every dog deserves a comfortable bed, healthy food, fun toys, and tasty treats, which is why you must stock up on items from a dependable pet supplies store before their arrival. You can trust your pooch will feel more comfortable after a few hours of eating, relaxing, and playing in your home. You can even buy calming treats to help your rescue dog feel less anxious once they arrive. 

  • Create a Calming Atmosphere

You and your loved ones might not think twice about slamming a kitchen cabinet, talking loudly, or turning up the volume on the TV, but the noises could cause your new dog unnecessary stress. For this reason, you must create a calming atmosphere once your pet arrives to make them feel happy in your home. Instruct your other half and children to keep noise to a minimum to encourage your new pet dog to relax and have fun.

  • Follow Your Dog’s Lead for Affection

Observe your new dog’s behavior when they arrive at your home to ensure you don’t overwhelm them. For example, some dogs are more than happy to receive attention when meeting people, but others might appear timid or scared. 

If your dog loves attention, it might be more than happy to be showered with affection. However, if they back away, hide, or keep their head down, you might need to provide them with a little space to adjust to their surroundings. Once they feel confident and comfortable in your home, they should come out of their shell more. 

  • Establish a Daily Routine Right Away

Many rescue dogs enjoy predictability and structure, which is why you should establish a daily routine right away. 

For instance, the schedule must include specific times for:

A strict daily pattern can remove stress from your canine’s life, as they will learn what to expect when living in your home, which could help them adjust to their new surroundings at a quick pace.

  • Visit a Vet ASAP

A sick dog is an unhappy dog. Don’t allow your canine to suffer in silence, and take them to a qualified veterinarian within their first week for a health check, if possible. Also, request any necessary vaccines and preventative flea and tick treatments from a vet. A rescue shelter may have vaccinated and microchipped your pooch, but this isn’t always the case.

If you follow the above advice, your rescue dog can quickly adjust to its new home with ease and fall in love with its owner.


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