5 Creative Ways to Use Pegboards in Your Home


Have you ever heard of pegboards? You might haven’t heard the name, but you must have seen one.

A pegboard is a flat panel with a grid-like design of small, evenly spread holes for pegs. It is a handy item that you can use to organise and display different things in your home. You can hang these boards or mount them on the wall and then insert pegs into the holes to hold a variety of stuff.

The name pegboard is an expired trademark of the company Masonite Corporation. First used in 1962, these hardboards offer a decade-old organisation solution. You may typically see pegboards in retail settings to hold products.

But if you’re seeking an affordable way to decorate and organise your home artfully, there is nothing better than pegboards.

Keep reading to know more.

Ultimate Tools Storage Wall

You can use pegboards for organising almost any item. Especially organising tools as they set well on them. You can create a storage wall using perforated panels and store anything you need. Most hardware devices, like screwdrivers, drills, and wrenches, already have holes in their handles.

So, you can easily hang these tools on the hooks attached to the board. Now, you no longer need to pile your hardware tools on top of each other.

Bedroom Headboard

Are you looking for a decorative headboard that’s stunning yet functional? You can make your new headboard panel with pegboards. And then hang your photo frames, magazines, alarm clock or bedtime items on it.

There is no limit to using this headboard panel in your headroom. If you don’t like the single colour look of your headboard, you can paint it as per the theme of your room or add LED light to spruce it up.

Hang Your Indoor Plant Pots

Indoor plants not only enhance the appearance of your home but also improve the air quality and lift the whole environment. But it is challenging to keep the pots on the floor or find other heightened surfaces to place them aesthetically.

Instead, you can mount a perforated board on a spare wall and creatively place your house plants on it. Creating a DIY pegboard planter is simple, and you will love the result.

Make a Gallery Wall

Do you like the look of the gallery wall but don’t want a permanent installation? If you want to display your precious art in your home, look no further than pegboards. It’s a brilliant idea to use these boards to create a customisable and easy-to-arrange gallery wall.

Now you can put a ton of art on display without drilling multiple holes and damaging your walls.

Create a Kitchen Backsplash

You could place these boards behind your kitchen sink to save the wall from water. Additionally, you can use it to hang things like towels and other kitchen tools. A plastic or perforated resin board can solve your storage problem if you have a small kitchen and insufficient cabinet space.

It is more affordable than other alternatives to use as a backsplash in the kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Earlier, people used these boards for organising their tools in workshops and garages. However, you can use them in a variety of settings. Pegboardnot only adds practicality to your home décor but also works as a standalone decorative piece.

Use the above creative ideas or combine a few options using your creativity to make your home more beautiful. Let your imagination flow and see what it becomes.


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